Noise:Cash - The Gift that Keeps Giving

Noise:Cash - The Gift that Keeps Giving

By rah | rah | 1 May 2021

When it comes to crypto platforms I am totally in love with two of them.

Namely Publish0x

Ok I am writing this here so you kind of expected that!

Seriously though since joining Publish0x I have been rewarded very handsomely, have a good working relationship with the team amassed more than 1000 followers and have got the respect of many of the most significant members of the community.

You know who you are, but it would be unfair to name names because I will inevitably miss somebody out.

Ok, we know that. Get on with it!

The second platform I love is Noise:Cash, but to be honest I have never really got on very well with it's big sister Read:Cash. I have not used other platforms such as Hive and the like.

Those of you who know me I know how much I love data and initially my Noise data was pretty basic, but I have added to it now to such an extent that I can share a deeper analysis of the wonders of being a Noiser.

But first and foremost for those who don't know Noise is a crypto platform that rewards in Micro-Tips in the form of BCH based on community engagement. Unlike Publish0x and Read:Cash the posts tend to be quite short and it has quite rightly been described as a kind of Twitter for the Crypto Community. They have had issues with spammers and the platform being used but April saw some restructuring that has largely dealt with this while at e same time created newer and innovative reward processes - and Noise is incredibly generous.

Incidentally if you haven't joined up yet why not join and give it ago. I'd be honoured if you follow me there. Find me at, this is not an affiliate link so there is no reward for sharing it with you.

One other thing I love about Noise is that there is none of the nastiness that is all too often associated with social media. This is probably because it is a niche community with a committed membership. While bots have been a bit of a problem they have largely been brought under control and they are certainly not malicious.

So now let me share the data with you for April.

Firstly in terms of Noise BCH

Noise Rewards

Over the 30 days of April this amounted to 17.921 BCH or an average of 0.00597 BCH per day. For the month of April based on an arbitrary price check on Coinbase which showed the price of one BCH as £719.34 this meant that total tips received were valued at £128.81

The peak of 0.12 was achieved when Noise were first coming to grips with bots and a partial solution was to give 'good' members more. The drop off in the latter part of the month probably has as much to do with the arrival of BabyRah (my son was born 12th April) which meant less time making Noise and more with nappies.

In the last couple of days Noise have changed their payment policies but this BCH came in the form of 8,744 Micro-Transactions both sent and received.

But this isn't it!

From the beginning I have been loading my Celsius account with Noise BCH and while the numbers are still relatively insignificant they will rise as both the price of BCH goes up and the amount of Noise BCH is added. And let's not forget that it compounds too - so in other words I am getting interest on the interest!

So let's have a look at Celsius' insignificant but increasingly significant contribution to my BCH. Please note that the income for 30th April isn't available yet.

Cel cont

So in four payments in April Celsius added a further 0.000727 BCH, worth - based again on yesterday's price - a meagre £0.52. I say meagre but that is significantly more than my bank is giving me for a lot more savings in fiat and to ram the point home again it is growing. Those 0 decimal places will soon get swallowed up.

Hope you have enjoyed my indepth analysis.

Stay safe and stay well and just maybe I will see you on Noise too.

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