Getting Started: The Golden Roadmaps to Crypto Success

By rah | rah | 28 Mar 2021

Some people consider crypto-investment as playing casino and maybe to some extent it is true if you don’t go in with your eyes open.

“I’ll just buy some BitCoin and just like that I’ll be a millionaire”

Well let’s do away with that myth straight away. Those days are gone. There may be another currency that might go nuclear, but never as dramatically as BitCoin did and owning a bit of Bitcoin will only scale up your investment.

I read two conflicting reports yesterday, one of which suggested that BitCoin was on the slide, but the other suggested that BitCoin may reach $300,000 or SIX times as much as it’s current price.

Some perspective.

  • If you have $1000 in BTC now it will become worth $6000 by the end of the year if this projection is correct (ok you could hodl longer and who knows what will happen)
  • Likewise to make a BitCoin million, based on the same scale you would need to currently own $166,667 worth of BTC $166.667x6=$1m)

That is a very reasonable return but your are not going to get rich off it unless you have seeded it with a lot of initial investment as suggested above.

However, there is a couple of roadmaps that promise modest but incrementally growing rewards

Soon after I started investing in Crypto I wrote an article called The Magical Money Tree in which I outlined some of the basic ways to earn free crypto.

Now, some 9 months later I am revisiting it but making some additions. However, I am going to do so in two different ways and to be honest I am going to litter it with affiliate links that will benefit both of us. This is to show how it can work as a benefit and set a roadmap for others who you know too.

Just one word of caution though, although this is not a ponzi or pyramid always DYOR and only invest what you are prepared to lose.

Please also be aware that both of these roadmaps mean playing the long game.

Roadmap 1:

I have nothing – where do I start?


Start with the principles outlined in the Magic Money Tree – I don’t want to over-lengthen this article so please read it in full. I have added some more ideas that weren’t in the original article. To summarise.

  • Use faucets regularly (I use Cointiply – use this link and I will get some benefit, but it will not affect your rewards). Read my review too to get the most out of your Cointiply activities.
  • You probably have already, but if not join Publish0x and if you are able to write good quality articles consider blogging. Expand your blogging activities into other similar platforms like Read:Cash or Hive.
  • Switch to Brave Browser and view non-intrusive ads to acquire free BAT
  • Utilise both PreSearch and LBRY to acquire their native tokens (google to find out more)
  • Start making some Noise on Noise:Cash a kind of Twitter with rewards.

Take advantage of what’s out there and then leverage it. You will need to load this currency into an exchange or maybe even multiple exchanges as not every token is accepted on every exchange.

Please be aware you earn Micro-Amounts (although blogging has greater potential)

Roadmap 2

Remember how I said everything was scalable?

Well here is the more effective roadmap, but you will need to invest $150 (Please remember I am not telling you to do this and DYOR).

Basically do the same as above but – and here is the real magic – BEFORE you do any of that do the following (and I must admit this rewards both you and me).

  • Open a Coinbase account using my link so that we both get rewarded (You may think why Coinbase but all will become clear)
  • Transfer $150 into your Coinbase Account*
  • Purchase $120 of DAI or USDT
  • We will both be rewarded with $10 for doing this.
  • Open a Celsius account (you will need to download the app and at present it only works on a smartphone) using the following reference code – 16005665cc
  • Transfer all of your DAI or USDT to Celsius leaving $30 (+$10) on your Coinbase**. You will now be yielding 10.51% APY on all of your DAI
  • When opening a Noise:Cash account use the Celsius address so that rewards are automatically loaded there. You may wish to do the same with other accounts too (for example Publish0x Ethereum). Read more about the power of combining Celsius with Noise Cash
  • Use the $30 (+$10) to start micro-trading on Coinbase or simply stake it on there while you learn what you are doing.

Notes on Coinbase

* Although I have suggested Coinbase I am not necessarily recommending it as your primary trading account. It scores highly when it comes to trust and transparency, but their fees can be quite high and it has a habit of crashing when the market overloads. There are two reasons why I suggest Coinbase as a start-up. [1] The affiliate link rewards both the new and existing user so long as a certain amount is invested initially – this means loading it with currency and making a minimum purchase (see also note on gas below) and [2] after some time having an account there will entitle the user to Earn Rewards where even more free crypto can be acquired and a trading account can be built up.

** When transferring to Celsius certain network fees known as gas fees with be charged by Coinbase and not everything you transfer will go (please read my study on this). However, once loaded onto Celsius it will earn 10.51% APY which will compound and rewards are applied weekly, Please ensure as per my study that you calculate the gas repayment and hold the currency for at least long enough to pay it off. Your part of the Coinbase affiliate reward should help cover these gas fees.


Roadmap 1

It cost you nothing but time – so everything is gain. Simple

Roadmap 2

Although this entails some investment it is pretty much secure on Celsius and as the rewards kick in and the gas is paid the overall trend will only be upwards. Investing in StableCoin is of greater surety than any other asset and the APY is much higher so your underlying growth is guaranteed whatever happens with the rest of your pot.

And Finally…

I reiterate I am not necessarily recommending Coinbase to be your primary trading account (I use it - but DYOR), but use it as a kick start and take advantage of the initial affiliate reward and then leave some assets there to entitle you to Coinbase’s own Earn Rewards.

Have a great day and stay safe.


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Experienced Business Owner and Coach and Tutor who now trades in Crypto. It is proving to be an interesting journey with so much technical language involved. Follow me as I learn the trade (and how to trade). Made some howling mistakes to begin with, but still learning and will share what I learn as I learn it for the benefit of the community. - RAH

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