The Symbiotic Synergy of Celsius and Noise:Cash

By rah | rah | 24 Mar 2021

That's one of my best titles ever!

This is impressive and I am only sharing it now because I have finally learned how to take screenshots on my phone. Funnily enough I am very capable when it comes to finding my way around windows systems, but when it comes Android I am a complete numpty!

I am so excited about this graphic that I will categorically say that unless you have any short term plans for BCH, this has to be the way to go.

So between what Celsius combined with Noise:Cash is showing me and my new found technical expertise this is what I want to show you before drawing some conclusions.



  • The screenshot was taken about 2 hours ago.
  • This graphic shows only Noise based BCH and its related Celsius Rewards income. I started on 16th February although the graphic only shows the last rolling month.
  • Through my Noise activity anywhere between 0.0027 and 0.0054 BCH is being added daily and the main reason for some results being at the lower end is that from time to time the Noise platform suffers from overload. Put another way this means that on average I am adding 1% of BCH every 3 days. This puts me well on target to achieve 1 BCH in 1 Year.
  • Notice how bullish the graph looks as it is being added to constantly and the growth trend is fantastic, irrelevant of the price fluctuations because the attribute that can be controlled to some extent (quantity), Any investor in any business would be proud to have such a growth chart.
  • Celsius Rewards are currently not massive, but @4.51% it is inflation busting and their significance will only grow. The last round of rewards marks a landmark, coming in with a value of £0.029 for the week or based on four weeks this comes in at £0.116 per month (it will actually  be higher because [a] only February as 4 weeks and [b] the base amount is being added to daily so the Reward baseline is always revising upwards). This compares to the £1000 in my bank account for which I gain approximately £0.10 per month.

For significantly less (free) income the rewards are already exceeding the bank's performance.

And that my friends is why I am so excited. So if you don't have a short term plan for your BCH why not dump it into Celsius.

To sign up to Celsius you will need to follow their KYC protocols and why not quote the following reference code 16005665cc

It won't cost you anything and it may give me a little thank you for pointing you in their direction. Please visit Celsius to find out more at

Celsius currently only works as a smartphone app and it can be directly downloaded on your device

As always stay safe and stay well



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