Analysis: My First Month on Noise Cash

By rah | rah | 16 Mar 2021

Where do I Begin?

I have made no secret of my love of Celsius with its high reward rates on a wide range of currencies. The only problem I’ve really encountered with Celsius is the high gas fees when trying to send currency there – although it’s fair to say that I am not sure if these fees are generated by the sending service rather than Celsius. Celsius promise and deliver on free withdrawals

Then a month ago I started on Noise:Cash. And when you combine the two together its was like creating lightning in a bottle.

Noise:Cash is supported with BitCoin Cash and could be described as a kind of Twitter with rewards.

I started, of course with £0.00 or 0.000000 BCH.

I joined on 16th February and immediately configured my receiving wallet to Celsius and now a month later I am receiving c.250 Micro-Transactions a day and I am hovering around 10% of a BCH. Not only that but I am receiving weekly Celsius Rewards that match what my bank would give me for holding about 30 times as much currency on their accounts.

Lets have a look at some stats.

1. Growth of daily BCH returns:


The blue bars represent daily Noise:Cash rewards. It grew very quickly to 0.004 BCH daily before pushing on to around 0.005 BCH daily. Yesterday - 15th March - saw a slight reduction and this may have been due to Noise:Cash suffering some significant outages, which still seems to be a bit of a problem today.

The red bars show the cumulative growth of Noise:Cash BCH and it has grown steadily over a period of 28 days to just below 10% which just happened to be my one month target. I may well have hit my target if it weren't for the bugs. This is not a criticism, Noise:Cash is an amazing platform which significantly outperforms faucets and is comparable to reward blogging platforms such as Publish0x and Read:Cash

2. Where does Celsius fit in?

As I receive Noise tips they are automatically sent to Celsius where they gather and stake. Rewards are added on a weekly basis and in the last month I've seen the following results:


Of course I am aware these are micro-amounts, but the point is that it is ever growing and within another week Celsius Rewards will be outperforming my bank account in the hypothetical scenario where I had £1000 in a savings account.


Are you still sceptical?

When I first started blogging on Publish0x I wrote an article about the Magical Money Tree in which I explored how Crypto can be gathered for free. If I were to rewrite that article now there is so much more I could say and it would revolve around my relatively recent discovery of Noise:Cash.


Now this is the point

In one month, as I have already commented, through a bit of time and effort and thanks to the wider support of the Noise:Cash community I have grown 10% (or thereabouts) of a BCH from literally nothing! This is not insignificant. I have set myself the target of achieving 1 BCH in a year, but at this rate it should take about 10 months and what is more with last month being February this back of an envelope calculation is based on a rolling 28 days.

Celsius, currently offering rewards at 4.51% is going to become an increasingly significant factor which will also drive growth.

Noise:Cash really has generated lightning in a bottle.

Are there any downsides?

Well yes there are two.

The interface can be buggy and suffers from outages – the most significant one for me thus far was yesterday, but I am not complaining it is free and clearly very popular. Overload seems to have been the problem, but at least they put up an amusing landing page while they were sorting it out.

Spammers are ever-present. They make irrelevant comments or just send emojis and the more you block them, just like the proverbial cockroaches – the more they appear and scurry around trying desperately to land your attention. They are an annoyance, but from what I’ve seen of most they appear to be potential catfishers or guys who seem to target spamming female members which in turn means possible  #metoo implications.


So last month I provided a preliminary view and now I can give you a more knowledgeable view.

Find me on Noise:Cash at

Not joined Celsius yet. If not consider joining. Quote the following code


Stay Safe and Stay Well and have a great day :)

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