This week Tezos is being used in a digital voting application in 3 French cities

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 5 Oct 2020

Avosvotes has developed an application to enable digital voting for local authorities. First identities are manually verified and secured in digital form. After that, votes can be stored on blockchain, where they can be verified by the voter. This way, voters can see their vote is registered and counted. Tezos is used to proof and subsequently store the existence of votes in the form of certificates on the blockchain. The application can be downloaded from the Avosvotes website, Applestore and Google Play
Voters will receive this message after voting:
4ff22cb90c500bf5d01b4a35a5104f7fc43c08dc6e0c9b8fb21f8d6abdf84f64.png - From the Verneuil-sur-Seine press release, as posted by 

After that, they can verify that their vote is stored on the Tezos blockchain:
4b724c2c6e7240a138bba5e7be3ff8aa3607a33dc48e9aaea9f3a88677ac72cf.png - Source 

Current use
At the time of writing this article, this voting application is being used in in a democratic consultation of the inhabitants of three French cities: Chapet, Vernouillet and Verneuil-sur-Seine. Voting is possible from October 1st until October 8th. The running smartcontract can be found here on TzKT Explorer by Baking bad. 

“In Verneuil-sur-Seine, the decentralized and secure voting evidence on the blockchain resulting from Tezos, will make it possible to guarantee the sincerity of the ballot. The vote will thus be 100% secure and each voter will be able to check that their vote has been taken into account during the digital count ” - Source

“The objective of this consultation, which is both digital and physical, is to involve the inhabitants of our municipalities as widely as possible on a key territorial issue. It was a campaign promise for me. And if it turns out to be sufficiently significant now, it will be a positive sign for the revitalization of local participatory democracy, ” Explains Fabien Aufrechter , Mayor of Verneuil-sur-Seine. 

Avosvotes isn't the first to build a voting application on Tezos: Electis works on a blockchain based voting system at this very moment. Electis is a non-governmental organization based on the following principles: non profit, non commercial, and politically and philosophically neutral. One of their biggest pilot projects is the world-wide Cross-University Voting Project, build on Tezos. In April this year, Electis held its first test election on the Tezos blockchain. This happened in cooperation with students and academics from 23 universities from 14 countries. 


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