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Get up to 5% cashback as well as free Netflix and free Spotify! (A quick and easy introduction to the MCO Visa Card by

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Furthermore, you can get 50USD when you sign up with my referral code! Read all the way to the end to find out how! "Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™", the vision of With over a MILLION app downloads, (formerly Monaco) is a multi...

Theta Fuel (TFUEL), a token with use cases & adoption

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What is TFuel token? Theta token is the native cryptocurrency of the Theta network, a decentralized video streaming and delivery blockchain that has both technical and economic use. The project is considered as one of the most adopted new altcoins in...

Cryptocurrency - Is mass adoption possible?

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Time and time again for the past 3 years people have said we need to make cryptocurrency easier for the masses. Its a topic I have thought long and hard about. Despite the claim, I just don't think its true. In fact I argue there is no way to make it...

Criticisms about Steemit (1/3) - Steem's Value vs Newbies's Resources Credits (RC)

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  Many think that life is unfair. I prefer to say that it is often contradictory.   In its dynamics it poses a constant decision making. Success is determined according to the goals we achieve. According to what you think is most important. So you...