"The Blockchain Group" launches tokenization platform on Tezos, partner BNP Paribas facilitates the onboarding process of investors

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 10 Dec 2020

Last week, The Blockchain Group announced their first STO: a $100 million investment fund for Logical Pictures. The partnership with BNP Paribas (The 8th largest bank in the world), was also announced last week.
Today, The Blockchain Group announced the launch of a full Tokenization platform on Tezos: The Blockchain Xdev.

"Based on the Tezos protocol, the platform integrates all the functionalities necessary for the transmission and the management of a digital asset. The Blockchain xdev platform, audited by PWC experts, integrates in particular the highest security standards to ensure the custody of assets for its clients."

The platform is designed as an end-to-end infrastructure, which will enable clients to create and manage digital assets in an intuitive and secure way.

“This project is the cornerstone of our tokenization. Our ambition is to become a benchmark player in France and in Europe, in a market with very strong potential in the years to come." - Xavier Latil, CEO of The Blockchain Group

The Blockchain Group (TBG)
TBG is a global umbrella organization of engineers and entrepreneurs aiming to create a blockchain-powered ecosystem. TGB has over 120 employees, is valued around EUR 45 million and has presence mostly in Canada, Australia, Singapore and France.


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