Tezos has joined the T-Block accelerator project as official platform partner

Tezos has joined the T-Block accelerator project as official platform partner

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 5 Jun 2020

In February this year, Tech Mahindra has launched the "T-Block accelerator" project in cooperation with the Indian state Telangana and IBC Media. Tech Mahindra is an Indian IT multinational valued at 5 billion US Dollar as of April this year. Telangana is one of top IT-exporting states of India and is called the "blockchain district". Telangana is aiming to make its capital Hyderabad a worldwide leading blockchain city. The third partner, IBC Media, describes itself as an innovation management company.
The T-Block Accelerator program is aiming to produce innovating blockchain startups. Startups with a promising blockchain use case have been able to register and apply for the program. This stage of the project has finished though, and in a few days the shortlist of startups that will advance to the T-Block Accelerator phase, will be announced.

Today, IBC Media announced that Tezos has joined the project as official platform partner. This development is has been accomplished in cooperation with the Tezos India Foundation.

"I am happy to see Tezos becoming a major partner for the T-block accelerator program. It will be exciting to see how startups take full advantage of the features that Tezos provides, and how it will benefit their business. [...] We, at Tezos India Foundation, will be there at every step to provide any help, support or resources necessary.” - Om Malviya, President of the Tezos India Foundation 

With the T-Block partnership, Tezos adds a partner to the ecosystem that fully aims to make more adoption of the platform a reality. With 26 million XTZ fixated in smartcontracts at this time of writing, we can already conclude that Tezos is getting some traction. 

Tezos pattern:
- In the first 1.5 years of Tezos' mainnet, the most activity has been seen around evolution of the core network, which has resulted in three amendments (Athens A, Babylon 2.0 and Carthage 2.0). A fourth amendment announced to be entering the proposal phase within a few weeks that aims to bring privacy features to the platform. Fluent and swift evolution is a quality that has matured from theory to reality.
- The STO use case has been kick-started with several billions in dollar value of pending STO launches. Part of the preliminary work and preparation of the actual launches, is adoption of Tezos as blockchain basis for STO issuing platforms. Platforms like Equisafe, Vertalo, SE Digital, Tokensoft, Liquefy, Securitize and tZero have concluded this pahse or are in the process of finalizing Tezos adoption. The foundation for Tezos as dominating STO chain is slowly but surely taking shape.
- Tools for smartcontract development on Tezos have been starting to get available lately, like the Truffle Suite support for Tezos and Magic SDK.
- A lot of effort has been put into training devs to introduce them to Tezos' smartcontracts. This resulted last year in 1,300+ devs being trained. The latest Tezos Hackathon shows that this was no useless effort: over 1,000 devs have registered to participate.

Hackathons, and partnerships like the T-Block partnership will add to the road forward in a very positive way. 

Recently the Tezos India Foundation also announced the Tezos Sarathi Program: "a Student Campus Ambassador Program. Get a chance to represent Tezos in your campus. Engage in the global community to build your network, win prizes, internships and access to Tezos exclusive events and programs."

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