Tezos: a selection of exiting additions to look forward to in 2020.
Tezos: a selection of exiting additions to look forward to in 2020.

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 27 Jan 2020

LPoS staking rewards and the billions of $value of STO's that are announced to be launched on Tezos are things that get a lot of attention of people that speak and write about Tezos. But there is a lot more to be exited about when speaking of Tezos. Here a small selection of things that 2020 will bring:

NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens).

NFT’s are unique tokens. Of each token, there exists only one. For example: 1 XTZ is one of many of the same, but an NFT would be something like a unique painting, only one exists. A well known use-case for NFT’s would be blockchain gaming. Unique items, owned by one specific player, registered on the blockchain. Fun part is that NFT’s can be tradable and, if there is demand, have value. For Tezos, NFT standards are in devellopment, and there is a game for Tezos in the making: Coase, a gaming company by Kathleen Breitman, Zvi Mowshowitz, Brian David-Marshall, and Alan Comer, will build a digital collectible card game on the Tezos blockchain. Kathleen Breitman on NFT standards on Tezos: “Plenty of people are working on different standards. What I'm also working on, which strongly differentiates us from other efforts in smart contract + gaming land, is a unique custody approach for NFTs.” There will also be an on-chain marketplace for NFT trading.


NomadicLabs is working on an implementation of the Zcash Sapling Protocol which will add privacy options to the network. 


NYX standard 

The NYX Standard on Tezos is the most advanced set of smart contracts for STO’s, combined with a user-friendly interface that makes launching STO’s on Tezos as simple as filling out a form. (For companies that want to launch STO's, legal matters for each STO need to be arranged first. This is still a time consuming matter. But after all legal obligations and permissions are obtained, Tezos makes the final steps extremely simple, smooth and safe.)

Stable Coin

USDTZ - Stable coin on Tezos. For many use-cases a stable coin on Tezos is a very important part of the Tezos ecosystem. USDTZ, will not be your average stable coin, it will add optional revenue and on-chain-lending.


Inspired by the governance model of Tezos, StakerDAO is a newly launched platform for governing financial assets. It will manage DeFi application (Decentralized Finance) with the possibility for STKR holders, to vote through decentralized, on-chain governance. 


Allen Walters
Allen Walters

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