Taurus enables secure Tezos staking infrastructure for institutional use-cases

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 30 Oct 2020

Since the start of the cooperation between the Tezos Foundation and Taurus Group in the end of 2019, Taurus Group has deployed a strategic roadmap to work towards institutional adoption. In February 2020 Taurus integrated the Tezos protocol into its digital assets infrastructure. In August 2020, Taurus enabled its banking clients to start earning bakingrewards in an enterprise-grade security level, using Taurus PROTECT.

Today, Taurus announced that they built their own secure and robust “baker” infrastructure that may be deployed to help secure the Tezos network. Taurus taps into a growing trend where we continue to see big corporations dipping their toes into the Tezos ecosystem. Two weeks ago, we saw the announcement that Exaion EDF Group started their own baker (Tezos PoS validator). Exaion EDF Group is a subsidiary of EDF, the second largest electric utility company in Europe with a yearly revenue of $ 70 billion, over 152,000 employees and partly owned by the French state.
A week before that we say Sword Group made a similar announcement. They too will become a Tezos baker.
And two weeks before the Sword Group announcement, we've seen Sustain Exchange (which will integrate the Tezos protocol in their future primary STO issuance platform) showing interest in actively contributing to the Tezos protocol. "SUSTAIN will also provide technical expertise and lend support to the ongoing development and improvement of the Tezos protocol."

All part of a trend that shows growing interest of institutions and corporations in Tezos as a decentralized blockchain that can be adopted for high value use-cases. These parties build on Tezos and participate in the PoS ecosystem. Tezos' on-chain governance model, gives holders of XTZ a binding voice in the democratic process of protocol upgrades. It also enables any professional party to inject protocol upgrades or additions into the Tezos protocol. This opens up possibilities that are not feasible in other blockchains.

Taurus Group
Taurus Group SA was founded in April 2018 in Geneva, specializing in digital assets and blockchain. It was founded by senior executives with a background in banking, regulatory, IT and cyber-security. Taurus offers enterprise-grade market infrastructure solutions for digital assets as well as other financial services to institutional clients. 
Taurus managed to build one of the few engineering teams in the world that master the full technology stack (software, hardware, cryptography, distributed systems, devOps). They work hand-in-hand with the founding team that knows financial services pretty well. This is a quite powerful combination and sought-after by institutional clients. 


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