Exaion EDF Group will become a corporate baker in the Tezos LPoS ecosystem and wants to develop a whole ecosystem of "smart" applications on Tezos

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 23 Oct 2020

Exaion EDF Group is a subsidiary of EDF, the second largest electric utility company in Europe with a yearly revenue of $ 70 billion, over 152,000 employees and partly owned by the French state. Exaion EDF Group specializes in high performance computing and is a cloud provider for blockchain solutions.

"The French electricity giant wants to develop a whole ecosystem of "smart" applications. And not just in the energy sector." This was announced in combination with the news that they will also become a block validator in the Tezos LPoS system.

Exaion EDF Group will go further and actively participates in the Tezos ecosystem
Today Exaion EDF Group announced they became the first French corporation to participate in the Tezos ecosystem as a block validator and corporate baker. This way, Exaion will become part of the Tezos PoS ecosystem and community, while contributing to the decentralization of the Tezos blockchain. A "Corporate" baker is not a special type of baker with any special position within the Tezos ecosystem. The fact that this baker will be run by a corporation simply emphasize the amount of trust and involvement big corporations show in the Tezos blockchain. The blockchain does not notice any difference between a baker that is run by a single person from his moms basement or by a big corporation. All rules apply to all bakers.


Fatih Balyeli, Exaion CEO and co-founder, commented; "Our choice to use the Tezos blockchain came naturally. Baking on Tezos allows us to significantly reduce our energy consumption and is in line with our sustainable development policy while keeping a high-quality digital offering." - Source 

Part of a rising trend
The move by Exaion EDF Group to become a baker and become truly involved in the Tezos ecosystem, while simultaneously build applications on Tezos, is something we continue to see more. Last week Sword Group made a similar announcement. They too will become a Tezos baker. They previously developed Tezos DigiSign, a new standard for timestamping and electronic signatures on blockchain. Tezos Digisign was lately announced to be used by "Plus Que Pro" with 15 million unique visitors per year.

And we've seen Sustain Exchange (which will integrate the Tezos protocol in their future primary STO issuance platform) showing interest in actively contributing to the Tezos protocol. "SUSTAIN will also provide technical expertise and lend support to the ongoing development and improvement of the Tezos protocol." One of the developments that Sustain is interested in contributing to, is Spruce Systems' decentralized identifier (DID) project on Tezos.

As stated in my previous article about Sword Group: Tezos' decentralization level, combined with its on-chain governance mechanism which allows anyone to propose improvements and additions to the Tezos core protocol, is apparently a healthy basis for entities like this to take the next step and getting more deeply involved. This involvement is possible in a decentralized and secure way, due to the democratic property of the governance mechanism. Combined with two testing periods in the governance cycle, the preservation of the security of the protocol is warranted. While Tezos is in its fifth upgrading cycle, it continues to prove the reliability and robustness of its design. It grows to be truly battle tested and when these entities that build on Tezos start to get more involved in the community and Tezos ecosystem, it shows how the confidence grows in the Tezos blockchain.


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