Elevated Returns announces digital exchange built on Tezos

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 7 Jul 2020

Q3 seems to become a game-changer for Tezos as an STO platform. With Vertalo's announcement to finally launch their first batch of STO's worth $200 mill on Tezos in this quarter and Elevated returns making a simular announcement about their long planned $80 mill STO launch on Tezos in that same quarter, expectations are already high. But today Elevated returns made another announcement: they build their digital exchange on Tezos. Name: ERX. And they just received green light from the Thai Sec to start operations.

A utility token will be launched soon named ER-X token. This token will also live on the Tezos blockchain and gas will cost XTZ, the native token of Tezos.


Dapps are great, and will also be a big part of the Tezos ecosystem, but STO's are an underestimated item in the cryptospace. And Tezos is about to take the lead this year. STO exchanges and issuing platforms being build on Tezos emphasize the bright STO future of Tezos. We've had a ton of announcements and postponed launches, but patience is a virtue.


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Allen Walters
Allen Walters

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