Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson gets into twitter beef over old grudges

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson gets into twitter beef over old grudges

By Allen Walters | Publish0x posts | 27 Jul 2020

I had some doubts whether or not writing about this subject, but I just feel this needs to be addressed. So here we go. 

After a tweet made by a Tezos fan, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson turned it into a personal attack, claiming "Tezos" as a project turned against Cardano. Charles Hoskinson made threats "Kicking certain actors in the teeth", and turned the whole ordeal in some low quality tribalism soap. Imagine the CEO of Volvo, attacking Mercedes fans on twitter.

Besides the lengthy roll-out time of long promised features (ADA ICO started in 2015, mostly restricted to Japan ~90%), one of the pain points is the mention of the fact that Cardano was marketed as a platform with different focus at the time of ICO. 

At CARDANO, you can bet on ADA and enjoy competitive games between users. Attention is being paid to the world's first attempt to provide a game environment that cannot be fraudulent at all, not only by users but also by the operating organization. -Source 
Smartphone app games, online games, bookmakers (predictive market), pachinko markets, public competitions (horse races, bicycle races, boat races), lottery tickets, casinos, online casinos...Total 100 trillion yen (market)

Nothing was mentioned in the original plans for Cardano about current planned main features: on-chain governance, Proof of Stake or formal verification. It is what it is, Cardano was originally marketed as a gaming-gambling platform.

See also this Cardano promotional video from October 13th, 2015, right before the start of the ICO in September 2018. We can conclude that the original marketing direction Cardano chose, was a casino/ gambling oriented platform.

Apparently the way Cardano was initially marketed, hurts so much that the founder of Cardano explodes every time this is mentioned. Possible cause: every feature Cardano later announced to add, is an original feature Tezos had in their 2014 whitepaper and is currently running live on Tezos' main-net since 2018. It won't surprise many, that some suspect Charles of using Tezos' features as example of what could be a golden combo: LPoS, on-chain governance which eliminates the need for hard forks and enables swift evolution, smartcontracts with formal verification and increased tps. Every explanation made by Charles to emphasize the importance of these features has been expressed by folks from the Tezos community in the past. The idea that Charles has never heard this before and is in no shape or form influenced by Tezos, while aspiring and promoting the exact same cocktail of features using the same narratives, is at least questionable, if not implausible. Charles has frequented the Tezos subreddit for years.

Weirdest part of the whole attack: There's no shame in adding features inspired by other projects. Since Tezos launched in 2018, it is clear that Tezos will implement features that have proven to work well in other projects. First two far progressed examples are a modified version of Zcash' Sapling to add privacy features, and a modified version of Tendermint: Tenderbake. There's no shame in adopting great ideas, there's only shame in pretending these are your personal original ideas while doing so.

Disclaimer: yes I hold Tezos and some ada, but I express my personal opinion here. Tezos is a decentralized project, and nobody speaks for Tezos as a whole. Not even it's founders which, even though they still give Interviews regularly and actively contribute to discussions and projects, are not "leading" Tezos. As expressed by one of the founders: a decentralized project should not have a leader or figurehead.

Allen Walters
Allen Walters

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