CoinGecko Joins Publish0x

Hoooray! Our best news yet! CoinGecko has started blogging with Publish0x.


CoinGecko will be blogging some of their platform updates, weekly crypto news summaries, giveaways, and more! Check out their first post to find out more and a link to their free 2018 Crypto Report: A free 83-page PDF covering various insights of the crypto market last year. 

CoinGecko is our favourite crypto coin tracking / analytics platform, more than simply tracking and ranking the whole crypto market by price alone you can sort by other metrics such as social media presence, or development activity. Here's what happens to the top 20 when sorted by development activity:


Interesting huh? Are there any surprises in there? Or maybe, just maybe this is great market data and an insight into the future? ;)

As if this wasn't exciting enough, here is what founder Bobby Ong has to say about Publish0x;

We would like to be one of the earliest members of this platform and contribute to the growth of Publish0x. We foresee great potential for Publish0x and would not want to miss out on this platform.

Follow Coingecko here

And this is not just a random passive trial, but we are speaking with the CoinGekco team and going to be doing some integrations with their API, for instance so you can type !btc (or any !coinname) and insert the current live price into your article, or !ethereum-chart and embed the ethereum chart etc! Exciting things coming, watch this space!

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Dan Bainbridge
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Dan Bainbridge is the founder of Publish0x, he is an angel investor and blockchain enthusiast.

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