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By CoinGecko | CoinGecko Publish0x Blog | 14 Mar 2019


We are CoinGecko, the 360° cryptocurrency data aggregator that ranks digital currencies by trading volume, market capitalization, developer and community activity. Since April 2014, we have established ourselves as one of the largest cryptocurrency data aggregator in the world. We now track over 4,000 coins from 300 crypto exchanges and serve about 12 million monthly pageviews to users globally.

Our vision is to democratize access to cryptocurrency data and we want to improve crypto data transparency. We foresee a decentralized future where financial markets are open and we see ourselves playing a role as one of the best crypto data providers in the market.

What We Think of Publish0x.com

Fun fact: The “0x” in Publish0x is silenced, so when you read it out loud, it is pronounced “Publish”!

We are interested in the idea of a blockchain-based crypto agnostic content platform where users, influencers, and companies can communicate and receive tips from readers.

To date, other than CoinGecko’s official blog and mainstream social media platforms, CoinGecko has also participated in two other blockchain based content platforms - Steem and Cent.

It is interesting to see how all three platforms have significantly different implementations to the same idea and the community dynamics that resulted from it. We would like to be one of the earliest members of this platform and contribute to the growth of Publish0x. We foresee great potential for Publish0x and would not want to miss out on this platform.

Feedback Wanted

As we are new here, we would like to solicit some feedback from the community on what you would like to read from CoinGecko on Publish0x. Do share your comments, reviews, thoughts, suggestions, and even pain points if there are any. All feedback is valuable to us and we appreciate it very much.

Feel free to use the tag #CoinGecko when you write about us on Publish0x! We will read every comment and tag published here.

Also, while you are here, do check out some of the cool stuff that we have been working on at CoinGecko and do let us what you think about it:


Android and iOS App


We have released the official CoinGecko App on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Now you can check the real-time price of your favourite cryptocurrencies in our beautifully designed app. We are busy adding more features so do share with us what you would like to see on our mobile app.



Every weekday at around 10:00 GMT, we send out a daily crypto market newsletter with price movements and top 3 news of the day. By reading our daily newsletter, we are sure your knowledge of crypto will improve over time as we work hard to curate the best content available. Do subscribe to our newsletter here if you have not already done so.



We launched version 3 of our CoinGecko API in May 2018 and are proud to say that we have several notable websites and apps using our API such as Trezor, Etherscan, and Masternodes.Online. We plan to keep this API free as we believe access to crypto data should be democratized. We encourage Publish0x developers to make use of our API and would love to see some of the things that you build.


Quarterly Reports


CoinGecko has been publishing quarterly crypto reports covering the cryptocurrency industry for the past 1.5 years. So far we have 6 quarterly reports dating back to Q3 2017.  Do take a look at our latest 2018 crypto report where we published an 83-page PDF covering various insights of the crypto market last year. Soon in mid-April 2019 we will be publishing our 2019 Q1 crypto report.


What’s next for CoinGecko

As for what we plan to do here, expect us to communicate our news, share exclusive content, and make special announcements.

We have a lot more planned so do keep an eye on us in this space! Give us a follow here on Publish0x or feel free to reach us out at our Discord, Telegram or Twitter.


TM Lee & Bobby Ong

Co-Founders, CoinGecko.com

14 March 2019

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CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics.

CoinGecko Publish0x Blog
CoinGecko Publish0x Blog

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