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By igort | Publish0x Labs | 2 Sep 2019

TLDR - "HYDRO Month" Campaign on Publish0x

These stats show what the exposure Project Hydro got from being the featured token on Publish0x during April 2019.



  • On April 2nd we integrated $Hydro as the tipping token on Publish0x. 
  • 84,349 tips we’re generated, for a total of $1002 HYDRO. 
  • We also showcased HYDRO, creating content and sharing it on social media, including Reddit and Twitter. 
  • Our user base has also naturally created a number of articles focused on HYDRO - which we also shared to social media. 
  • HYDRO related content was seen over 80,200+ times (pageviews) until August 31st 2019, 28,000+ of which were in April.


Total Tips & Hydro Distributed

In April, $HYDRO was featured token of the month on Publish0x. We set a budget of up to $2000 worth of HYDRO to give away over the month by integrating it into Publish0x for tipping - i.e. right across the site HYDRO was the token authors and readers received tips in.




Throughout April 84,349 individual tips were generated by 3,332 different users, and total $HYDRO tipped was 639902.66834125 (approximately $1002 worth in May). Of course, these stats are much higher today. We have given out a total of 1698783.55621143 HYDRO, currently worth $1344.


Current worth of HYDRO we have given out, according to CoinGecko.

You can see HYDRO live stats below.


HYDRO Article Views

Previously to April, the HYDRO community had already taken to Publish0x to publish fan content, with around 10 articles published before the Hydro featured month, we had delivered around 10,800 views combined across this content.




During April, we displayed a message that “this tip was sponsored by Project Hydro [Learn more about Project Hydro here]" after each tip a user made on Publish0x. The "Learn More About Hydro" link took people to the flagship article explaining the project and the Hydrogen ecosystem.




This flagship article alone has now received more than 3,500 views in April, and 6,357 until today:


In total, lifetime views of HYDRO content stood at 80,200 views, 28,000 of these views coming during April.



Organic and Bountied Articles

In addition to integrating HYDRO for tipping we also had several fan created content pieces produced, and about 35 articles written organically by our users.  That number is significantly bigger today. Between Publish0x authors and the blog that Project Hydro is writing on Publish0x, there are well over 150 articles written around or about HYDRO.



Articles about Hydro written in April include:


Social Media Sharing

In addition, we share articles on social media, in relevant forums and in relevant subreddits. One such article did well in r/cryptocurrency, getting over 90 upvotes and over 65 comments.




Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that Publish0x had a significantly smaller reach back in April. This was our first token integration and we had big hopes going in, achieved some great visibility for Hydrogen, and learnt a lot in the process.


  • The tipping rate was initially set pretty low by our estimate of what would turn out to be good earnings for users, combined with potential growth of users, and trying to reach the $2k budget. We underestimated this and have increased the rate during the month. Still we only gave out approx $1000. We now have a better idea of the tipping rate we can pay per user to reach certain $ targets. We have increased tipping rate when we introduced DAI as the main tipping token, as well as when we changed our tipping model.
  • Our growth during the month: Our total users at the 1st of April was around 2600, with 3900 new signups in April alone we grew by more than double, so the tips/earnings at the last week were exponentially more than the total in the first week. We are taking this growth as a sign of interest in our platform and that our model can work for us, for our readers and authors and for other tokens/projects to showcase their project and acquire a larger audience, fanbase, investors, community. Of course, we have grown significantly since.




If you are interested in exposure for your project and to integrate your token for tipping on Publish0x, then please write to me at tg; @IgorT0x , or igor @ publish0x .com, or follow along to the next case studies of token integrations:



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