Guess #AMPL Rebase and Win from $200 in $AMPL Rewards Pool - Round 7!

Guess #AMPL Rebase and Win from $200 in $AMPL Rewards Pool - Round 7!

By Igor Tomić | Publish0x Contests | 25 Jul 2021

UPDATE: The rebase on the 28th of July at 2 AM UTC was +0.9146%. And we have our two winners, as announced here:


Here are the tweets from the two winning guessers:



We are rewarding 2 users who get the closes guess of what the rebase of $AMPL will be on Wednesday, 28th of July with $200 in AMPL!

The market is showing first bullish signals in months, and AMPL is on FIRE! We're expecting a super positive rebase today. But what will the rebase be on Wednesday, 28th of July? Guess correctly and win your share of $200 in AMPL prizes!


Guess #AMPL Rebase Round 7 Rules:

This is how you can participate in Round 7 the contest:

1. Retweet THIS TWEET with your comment (Quote Tweet): What % you guess the rebase will be on Wednesday, 28th of July at 2AM UTC (2AM UTC is rebase time!).


Only Tweets that retweet THIS TWEET with your comment (Quote Tweet, Retweet Tweet with Comment), where the comment is your guess of what % the $AMPL rebase will be on the Wednesday, 28th of July at 2AM UTC, will be counted.


IMPORTANT! Tweets that merely reply to our tweet, without retweeting / quoting the tweet, will NOT be counted as contest entries.


*NOTE: If we did not heart your tweet, either we missed it, or your guess is not a valid contest entry. To check this, feel free to send a DM to @Publish0x on Twitter.


This is an example of how your guess should be made:


2. Your guess has to be % to at least 3 decimal places (or more), even if the last number is a 0 (zero).
3. Last guess that we will count for this contest has to be made by 6 PM UTC on Tuesday, 27th of July**. Convert the time to your time zone here, or simply count down the time to the rebase here.
4. One guess per user is allowed.

*Note: If rebase is 0.000%, then we count the next days rebase, until we have either a positive or a negative rebase. If there is no rebase on Wednesday, 28th of July, at 2AM UTC, the contest and your guess roll over to the next day.

**If the above is the case and there is no rebase, we do accept new entries into the contest, as long as the guess is made by 6 PM UTC, at least 8 hours before the rebase occurs.

Note: $200 in prizes will be split between the two of you who make the closest guess. If there's a tie, the reward will be split between multiple users.


The market is showing first bullish signals in months, and AMPL is on FIRE! We're expecting a super positive rebase today. But what will it be on Wednesday? Our guess for Wednesday, 28th of July, at 2am UTC? A positive 1.772% AMPL rebase. Check full rebase history here.


  • We will be paying the winners ON-chain (directly to your ETH address), a day after the contest ends.

  • We will contact the winners via DM on Twitter. ALL are welcome to participate!

  • Quote Retweet THIS TWEET


How Can You Know That We Actually Pay the Winners?

We've tweeted out to the winners of Round 1Round 2Round 3, and Round 4, Round 5, and Round 6 of this contest. Clicking any of the links will take you to a post. The posts contain links to all of the relevant tweets, which will be enough for you to verify that we pay the winners as advertised.


Here's the tweet in which we've announced winners of the Round 6:

Further, we've not missed a payout date to Publish0x users since we've started in late 2018. You can see the on-chain transaction hashes of payouts we send to our users who earn crypto for reading and writing, by clicking here.


PS. Again, the correct tweet to "Quote Tweet" (retweet and comment on) with your guess of what AMPL rebase will be on, is:



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