The patron of 13 May - Holy bishop Servacy

By ptaku | ptaku | 13 May 2019

13 May The Catholic Church mentions Holy bishop Servacy.


Servacy came from Armenia.
From 345 he was a bishop in Tongres, Belgium. He held this office for 37 years.
At the synod in Rimini in 359, he entered into a sharp dispute with the Arians. At the same time, he worked closely with Saint Athanasius, whom the Arians had banished and took away the dignity of the bishop.


Servacy traveled a lot. He visited Rome twice. He was a special worshiper of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To her honor, he founded and dedicated two churches: in Tongres and in Maastricht.

He died in Maastricht on May 13, 384.
Historians are not in agreement on this matter; they assume that he could have died in Tongeren, and the relics were transferred to Maastricht much later, where they are still today.

At the grave of Servacy, the chapel was first built, and then the church. When the Normans destroyed church in 881, it was even more beautifully rebuilt in 1039. Among the great people who pilgrimaged to the tomb of Saint. Servacy, there were emperors Charlemagne, Henry III and Maximilian, as well as St. Bernard and Saint. Norbert.

In the folk tradition

Saint. Servacy is one of the "cold gardeners", together with Saint. Pankracy (May 12) and Saint. Boniface (May 14). Cold gardeners and St. Zofia (May 15) - these are the last days of spring frosts that threaten plants.

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