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America and Italy, a Story Written in Ancient Rome?

4 days ago 4 minute read Daniel Goldman $0.08 tipped

Trump has a habit of saying things that are really stupid, or at least things that sound stupid. Many people think that he really is an idiot. I’m not sure. A common rule of thumb is to never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained...

Roman Aqueduct

6 days ago 1 minute read dexpartacus $0.04 tipped

The Roman Acqui Terme's aqueduct is one of the best preserved in Northern Italy, located just outside downtown next to Bormida river side. From the studies conducted so far it has emerged that it dates back to the first century AD I was lucky enou...

Today in History: The Cat’s Meow

3 days ago 1 minute read PolicyWonka $0.04 tipped

October 18, 1963: Early in the morning over Algeria, a French domestic cat named C-341 became the first feline to reach sub-orbital space. A lesser known achievement when compared to the American chimpanzee Ham or the Soviet canine Laika, C-341 would...

Napoleonica 2019

20 Sep 2019 1 minute read dexpartacus $0.08 tipped

While ago I had the opportunity to see the fifth edition of Napoleonica, a historical re-enactment of Napoleon and his troops passage during the second Italian Campaign during 1800s which was held at the Fort of Bard (Valle d'Aosta - Italy). Cannon...