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By MadMaxx | Psycho Crypto | 17 Aug 2020

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Hello and welcome to another article. In today's article, I'll be going over the price action of BAT, LRC and of course, big daddy BTC.

Let's flip the switch in this post and save the worst for last.


c4257bbb6afc92e3c4d70c44b280cbac5c3e8052983df041d2ac96a7878ed7d8.pngI told you so

BAT broke the daily supply and went parabolic, crushing all the resistance points in its path. It hasn't had a single red candle since the second half of yesterday, which shows the FOMO is real.

It seems to be cooling off with the candles getting smaller, and is forming a bullish pennant above a resistance level. You can buy on the break of this pennant, but I believe BAT is just getting started with this parabolic run.

If you took the trade from the last price analysis, you should be up over 26% in just 2 days. If you didn't take the trade, you're probably wishing you did now.🤓

A cause for concern though: BAT pumping usually signals the end of alt season. Is this the end? Only time would tell.




I told you so, again.

LRC has had a blissful month. It has rallied and printed a very bullish price action on the charts. 

I called this about 5 days back. Around the time of the formation of the falling wedge. If you had bought on that analysis day, you'd be up 54% now. About 10% for every day you held.🍻

Now that isn't the end of LRC's run. In fact, this is only the beginning. LRC would melt faces in this coming run, and I have advised and will continue to advise that you at least hold some LRC in your wallet before the run happens.



Once again, I'm screwed trying to post pictures here. I tried everything, but was unable to fit my BTC chart in here. Please read the analysis with pictures here in my telegram.

Regardless of the lack of pictures, it's evident that BTC has had a lacklustre performance over the last week.

I closed my short from the earlier analysis, locking in 25% profit on 10x leverage, but I had to hold it for about 2 days to get it. The reaction should have been much quicker.

Needless to say, BTC hasn't had anything fun with it's price action. I intend to stay off trading it this week.

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Thanks for reading!

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