Hydro Development Updates 27 May 2021

By Project Hydro | ProjectHydro | 27 May 2021


Welcome everyone to the 2nd edition of the Bi-weekly Development Updates. Before we start we would like to give our condolences to Ayushya, who recently lost his grandfather. These are really hard times and we should all stand united to fight this pandemic. Our Vice-president Carl has been unavailable for a couple of weeks as he had an eye surgery last week.. We wish him speedy recovery. On a happy note, our President Saurav recovered from Covid-19 last week and is now back to work.

It isn’t easy to work in these difficult times, especially when a couple of the team members are unavailable but we always try to push ourselves and give our best to the community. Hydro’s main motto is “Build” and we will continue to do so. Our developers have written a bunch of codes in the last 2 weeks. Let’s take a look at what each team did.

Let’s start with what Hydro foundation is working on;

Aegir Wallet

We have squashed various bugs, and the wallet is much more refined now. As you guys know we are working on UI redesign of the wallet. We shared a prototype in our last development update. It is mostly complete and you guys can expect it in Version 1.1.2. We are also working on adding the transaction history of all the Binance chain assets.

We will be adding more coins/tokens support in Aegir wallet. At the moment we integrated Bitcoin support. Soon our users will be able to store their Bitcoins in Aegir wallet. More assets support is on the way too.

Snowflake dApp Store

Redesigned Snowflake dAppstore dashboard is almost complete. At the moment we are testing it internally to squash all the bugs and give our users the best experience. We are expecting to release the updated dAppstore sometime next week.

Hydro Escrow Bridge


After months of hard-work, brainstorming, dozens lines of codes, and of course with the additional help from Bloceducare we’re able to finally deploy the Hydro bridge on Mainnet. Bloceducare helped us in setting up some security features to prevent attacks. One of these includes making the “transaction hash” the only argument needed to run the escrow endpoints. Also, now the API uses token authentication for authenticating the calls.

Due to the high fees on the ethereum blockchain, when a user tries to make a swap from Binance smart chain to ethereum we charge the transaction fee in HYDRO equivalent and deduct that from the funds being swapped. On the other hand, we take care of the fees while swapping from the Ethereum blockchain to the Binance smart chain. At the moment we are testing it internally to weed out all the bugs. Be on a lookout for an announcement this week.

Hydro Swap


We have been working on Hydro Swap for a couple of months now and it will be one of our biggest and major products till date. As of today we have completed the development of HydroSwap and now we will be starting internal testing. For new community members who might be wondering what Hydro swap is, it will be a full-featured DeFi platform running on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) just like PancakeSwap.

The initial release of Hydro Swap will feature a liquidity farm where users can stake their Hydro in order to receive transaction rewards from the pool. We are planning to add more functionalities in future. Hydro Swap will be announced next week.

Our developers are also working on deployment of Hydro on Polkadot parachain’s to complete the vision of Hydro multi-chain platform. Raindrop and Snowflake will be the first protocols which will go live on DOT. Communities will be able to interact and claim their Snowflake ID without paying a lot of gas fee, this will give Hydro more reach and more visibility, especially for the organizations who would want to use our products but do not want to pay a hefty fee for every transaction.

We have also started working on the new Raindrop Authenticator application with QR code compatibility. We feel the current application isn’t up to industry standards, that’s why we’re revamping it. We will integrate a couple of new functionality and a new UI. We will share more information regarding this in our next development update.

We have been working with eMedchain for the last couple of weeks with integration. Snowflake integration was completed a couple of weeks ago, we deployed ICE on BSC on 19th May, as they’ll be storing all the Doctor-Patient data on ICE and because of the high ETH gas fee they couldn’t use the ICE protocol that was on Ethereum network. They have started the integration of ICE. They are expecting to release the beta version of the app in the next 3 weeks.

Apart from these, we are in conversations with Mercatox, Stex, Bitmart & IDEX for the distribution. We are trying to complete it as soon as possible. We have received the holders list from IDEX and will be doing the manual distribution in the next couple of days. Holders of the rest of the exchanges can expect the distribution in the next one-two weeks.


Bloceducare has been helping us in the development of Hydro Bridge as a couple of our developers were unavailable. As of now they are working on the architecture of the hydro lottery dApp designed to operate like a PancakeSwap lottery. Also, they have encountered a slight delay with the Hydro chess dApp, so now they are trying to re-architecture the dApp to work as a web App. We are also presently reviewing some other chains to drive the Hydro multi-chain mission and will have updates in the next development update.


The Ethernity.live team has been working on Remittance App, and Media Platform for the last couple of months. Read below in detail for each of the projects like what has been done during the past week(s) and what are the plans for next week(s).

As we mentioned in our last development update, Ethernity-Live was working on overhauling the Front-end side(UI/UX) to make it simple yet beautiful and to have similar color schemes throughout the Hydro ecosystem. They have completed the redesigning and will be working on the integration of the back-end into the front-end.

The Media Platform is one of the new products on which they have been working on since the last few months. In the last couple of weeks they have installed the server and integrated the Camera map.

Media Platform will be a multiple use-cases platform, and they will be adding a lot of features in future updates. Last week we had a couple of meetings with them to discuss how creators can convert their personalized art & albums in NFT’s & sell to their fans/audience.


These are all of the development updates ongoing on our platform. Stay Tuned for more updates in our next edition of the Development Update Article.


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