*INCEPTION NOISES* Binance Futures adds... BNB
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*INCEPTION NOISES* Binance Futures adds... BNB

By oceanloader4 | press play on tape | 9 Feb 2020

10/10 for the 'eat your own dogfood mentality' here. 


You can now leverage trade BNB on the binance Futures platform.



it was starting to look like me that they were reluctant to expose their own token to the potential manipulation that sort of leverage can bring, but I guess they've tested the other alts they've been laying on lately ( DASH and ZEC , XMRADA, XLM, LTC )  and are now satisfied it's worth the risk.

I've been holding mine since about november, and let the last one go yesterday. Nice little profit, I think it moves with BTC a lot though and the chart has been screaming 'TOP' for the last $1500 dollars to me. 

Nice thing about the futures market is I don't have to hold a bag to make gains. Obviously caveats apply and losses are also a thing. 



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press play on tape
press play on tape

Blockchain news, smart contract shennanigans. I'm interested in how trustless systems are operated (and gamed by Bad Dudes).

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