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Gotta catch em all - Binance adding Monero to futures

By oceanloader4 | press play on tape | 3 Feb 2020


This seems to be almost a daily occurrence, but Binance are adding Monero ( XMR ) to the futures platform tomorrow:


This follows ADA the other day ( ),

Stellar about a week ago ( ), 

LTC at the beginning of the year ( )


At the time of writing, the total list is :


  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • XRP
  • EOS
  • LTC
  • TRX
  • ETC
  • LINK
  • XLM
  • ADA




list of altcoin/tether pairs on binance futures


Most are available at 75x leverage - usual disclaimer implies, this is like trading on speed and without good risk management (see my post from the other day on stop losses ) it's a really fast ticket to the poor house. 


I'll be surprised if they don't add a lot more alts in the coming months, I get the impression any of the mainstreams are strong candidates. Perhaps unsurprisingly these are all altcoins that are already on the main Binance 'spot' markets.


One thing I do find a bit difficult is that these are all USDT pairs - it can be hard to get any insight from the charts unless you're also looking at the BTCUSDT pair, so I'd highly encourage anybody who wants to try them out to keep their leverage low until they get a feel for it.





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press play on tape
press play on tape

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