Binance launches LTC/USDT perpetual contract market launching tomorrow!
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Binance launches LTC/USDT perpetual contract market launching tomorrow!

By oceanloader4 | press play on tape | 8 Jan 2020

I've been playing the BTCUSDT perpetual contract market since the autumn and it's a pretty good way to long with leverage 

(obvious disclaimer : leveraged trading is a fantastic way to lose all your money if you don't know how to use stop loss orders, so be careful)


They offer up to 75x leverage and if the BTC market is anything to go by, the liquidity should be pretty good.

With a good stop (post in progress) this can let you make the most out of moves far more than just buying a holding. 

And if you're not an LTC fan, you can of course short it to hell :D


LTC has a special place in my heart since it was the very first altcoin I bought back in the day on Kraken.

Made me a 2x within 12 hours. Can't say I've traded it much lately, but I do enjoy a good perp market...


They've added XRP and ETH in the last few weeks too, which TBH makes me a little more bullish on BNB  than I've been lately.


More details on the Binance website (no reflink, I don't do that):




Crypto sysadmin nerd

press play on tape
press play on tape

Blockchain news, smart contract shennanigans. I'm interested in how trustless systems are operated (and gamed by Bad Dudes).

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