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DASH and ZEC added to Binance Futures - a couple of tips for Futures trading

By oceanloader4 | press play on tape | 4 Feb 2020

OK, so that's 2 in 24 hours by my reckoning.


Both with 50x leverage, whereas the others I've mentioned  (XMR , ADA , XLM, LTC )have been up to 75x. But to be fair, 50x is still a crazy amount of leverage, unless you're an absolute degenerate gambler.


Standard caveats apply:


  • these are 'options', not coins you can buy and withdraw
  • you need enough maintenance funds in your account to cover any losses
  • stop losses are essential (I've gone into ridiculous detail on them here)
  • all pairs are against USDT ( though new ones are launching in BUSD ), so be aware they're going to be affected by bitcoins price
  • I still don't post referral links but feel free to shill your own in the comments


With altseason currently in its fifth day (and that might be it for another year :D ) it's an interesting time for binance to add leveraged alts.


I'm going to write up a few tips for anybody who's interested, I've been on the platform since September and haven't lost all my money yet, so hopefully some of my war stories might be useful to anyone thinking of taking the plunge. Follow the blog / me if that sounds interesting, there'll be a longer writeup coming Real Soon Now.

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press play on tape
press play on tape

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