Oil Change

Oil Change

By cMasta | pmcmasta | 13 Oct 2020

PSA: Grease is not good for COVID.

Remember, this virus is enveloped, which means there is a layer of fat around it.



That also makes it easier to combat though.

Oils are used in a variety of ways and also often used to prepare food. 

Bread is a natural olive oil conduit. It doesn't even matter if it's whole grain bread. Eat a salad and vinegar with your olive oil if you're not a bitch.

Uncooked oil is generally better.

When you cook stuff in oil, choose saturated fats like coconut oil or perhaps lard if you are okay with consuming animal products. Fresh oil is better for you, but flavors stick around in once-used oil so there is a case for using it again.

Unsaturated fats are also necessary to consume in order to function properly as a human, but they aren't of as much value after they are treated and/or cooked. In fact, they can be harmful in some of these cases.

Sometimes you can tell if the unsaturated fats are old and/or damaged when they smell somewhat fishy, but not always.

Sometimes fats are not really recognizable at all anymore after they are cooked. If charred, they attract a lot of other chemicals and can carry away volatile compounds.

If not charred, globules require large-density lipoprotein (LDL) vesicles to contain and excrete.

Obviously that means they increase the ratio of LDL to HDL 'cholesterol' in blood.

HDL is much more dense and less likely to burst or contort.

Since SARS-2 COVID particles are surrounded by fat, they are miscible with large vesicles and cell membranes.

Just makes me think I should have the right types of membranes floating around... 


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