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How and where to buy Student Coin (STC) ???

You have probably all heard about the Student Coin project, either through my previous articles on the subject or through other information channels.
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But how to buy these STC and on which platform or website should you go? Are there several solutions of purchase ? Here are the answers to these questions.

To buy Student Coin (a project which, I remind you, has already raised more than 22.9 million dollars to date and which brings together the largest universities in the world, including Harvard), there is only one place to buy these STCs and it is called the STC Launchpad. This Launchpad is currently in phase 103.

You should know that the Student Coin mobile application was released on IOS very recently and should be released this week or next on Android. It is currently being analyzed for approval.

To join this Launchpad, you can use this link. Once you click it, you will be taken to something that looks like this : 

invest stc

As you can see, you can put an amount in dollars and you have the number of STC you get, depending on the price of the STC, which depends for now on the phase of the project before the ICO.


Then you have 3 methods to buy these STC. Either via Coinbase Commerce, directly via Metamask with a direct deposit or simply by debit or credit card. Please note that you can't decide (totally) how much you invest but you are offered packages. It's up to you to choose which package you want. For example, currently you can buy 5000 STC for 87$, this is an option. Here is what you will get depending on the payment methods you choose :

From Coinbase


From Metamask (direct deposit) :


From debit/credit card :


For my part, I used the credit card to buy 5000 STC and it took me only 5min. Also, I think the fees are less with a credit card, you should compare the solutions. For investing quickly with a 5% STC bonus, invest HERE

As you can see, it is very easy to have it and you will have your wallet directly on the site or on the mobile app, which is already possible if you are on IOS.

Good investment to all and hope you like this post. 

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