Hard cap reached

🔥 Student Coin just reached a hard cap of $21,000,000 🔥

As you may have read in my previous articles about STC here or here, the Student Coin (STC) is in its final phase of crowdinvesting.

Please note that all the information I'm sharing with you comes from the email I received from Student Coin when phase 100 ended yesterday with the amount of 21mio reached!

Some statistics now. This phase 100 was reached in 58 days, which is one month less than what was initially planned in the Roadmap, this is a very good sign about the reliability and the future scope of the project! In addition, more than 95'000 users have created a Student Coin account.

What are the future things to come?

First, they will release 2 new products in April, present the next 3 tokens that will be in the student coin ecosystem but also the launch of STC Launchpad ICO funding.

What is that?

In order to clarify this aspect, here is what I received:

Bonus funding and its prospects

The bonus funding will last from the day of hitting the hard cap, till the 30th of April 2021 or running out of the tokens in the STC Launchpad ICO pool. The bonus funding scheme will be designed to support all the STC holders.
The bonus rounds of funding will benefit the whole STC Community by the range of advantages, from which the most important are:

  • During the bonus funding, the marketing expenditures will expand and strengthen the STC Community.
  • Thanks to the bonus funding, STC Token will be listed at more exchanges than planned.
  • After the bonus funding, the price of the STC Token will be set to 0,0221 USD, while entering the exchanges.
  • After the bonus funding, the STC Tokens will be immediately available for staking.
  • The funds collected during the bonus funding will allow creating two more products for the STC Ecosystem - STC Listings and STC News. The details will be announced soon.

And many more...The bonus funding will not influence the withdrawals, trading, and token release scheme.

You should also know that for the moment only 42% of STC's ICO offering has been distributed to the public. The fundraising phase continues on the same principle as before, each phase a higher price of STC. Currently, we are already in phase 102. The price will vary from 0.0172$ to 0.0221$. So don't wait too long before investing in STC because the price will only increase day by day until the listing! Moreover, on the first of May, the remaining tokens that have not found takers will be burned. However, if the 5'000'000'000 STC are sold, then it will mark the end of the ICO.

Here is a summary of where we are :


And where we are going to be: 



If you believe in this project of Student Coin, you can invest in it via the STC Launchpad directly from the official HERE page.

I'm looking forward to this new project and to share its progress with you.

See you soon

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