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Student Coin going to the MOON !

As its title indicates, this project is very ambitious! The Student Coin is in the investment phase and its ICO is expected to take place in early May 2021 and will probably be HUGE !

First of all, what is Student Coin ?

A picture is worth a thousand words...

What is Student Coin

Currently, we are in phase 93 where you can buy this Coin for 0.0164 USD. Each time 500'000K is raised, the next phase comes up to the 100th one. The price of the Coin goes up the further you go in the project. For my part, I bought 5000 Coin two days ago for 80$ at the price of 0.0161 USD because I was still in the 90th phase.


Phase 91 is already halfway through, the project is moving extremely fast!!! Also note that the current value of the Student Coin on Coinmarket cap is 0.0206 USD, so you can buy these Coin at a preferential price before its listing on the different exchanges !


Does the project seem credible?

Considering the amounts already raised I would say 100% yes! Moreover, it is interesting to see that many of the partners are world-renowned such as Harvard University. The goal is to link the 500 most prestigious universities in the world and to have a platform with this Student Coin as a central point.

Student Coin partners



The project is in development phase but already seems to be very well established and we know in which direction we are going. Moreover, the purchase of the Student Coin is very easy in just 5 minutes.



See how fast it increases, between my picture of the beginning and this one, already 20'000$ more have been raised ! You can buy Student Coin it directly on their website HERE. Be aware that there is only one official website for this project, so be careful. You will receive a bonus as an Early Bird. I received 250 Student Coin for free when I bought 5000 coin.

My advice?

Don't wait any longer because this ICO is likely to be extremely interesting, both for the concept itself and to have a good return on investment.

Hoping you won't miss this opportunity! Nice day to all!

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