Phase 100 STC

Student Coin's ICO, what's next ? Phase 100 !

Here we are, phase 100 of the Student Coin project, which corresponds to the last fundraising before the ICO which will arrive very soon. At this rate, it could happen tomorrow or Tuesday!!!

What's next for the project once phase 100 is over?

Obviously, the ICO itself. Once the required amount is reached, the ICO will take place and the Student Coin will be listed on the Asian marketplaces. Currently, almost 19 million have already been invested in the project and it was launch only the first february 2021.

timeline stc

Then, there will be the possibility to quickly make withdrawals and deposits to exchange our STC with other crypto-currencies such as ethereum but also the tokens that will be available and created on the STC Exchange. A dashboard in live mode is already available but with very limited possibilities. From the ICO, they will be unlocked little by little.

STC planning

The STC will then be listed on the European and other major global marketplaces. The possibility of receiving dividends via stacking will be available. All these features will be quickly implemented because what I just presented will take place by Q3 2021, very soon!


Try to invest before the ICO to hope for the greatest gain because the STC may increase in value as it will be listed on different marketplaces and that universities will enter the project.

To buy STC, super easy. You can do it in 5min on the official site of the STC Launchpad HERE.

More news after the ICO to see the evolution of the STC price. See you soon and have a nice day.

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The Unknown

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