Photography - Rainbow street - support for LGBT comunity!

"rainbow street poppsy"

the town of akureyri, in a show of its support for the lgbt comunity by painting the pvewalks surrounding and leading to the local cultural hotspot, the arts museum.
where this summer at the time gay-pride festivals were going on around the globe.

the town decided to go further by painting the pavement in these rainbow colors in order to show it´s support to the movement!

one of these images, the first one, is actually a faviorite of mine, being one of the top visited and favioreted image of mine on fine art america. ...


next we have the same photo but with a verry diffrent finish.


much brighter, colorful i´ll take, but the one on top is deffinatly my faviorite, these are for comparision and adding content.

the last image i present in this post is also showing the same "theme" but this time in black and white style!


these images are dear to me, as the battle for equality and understanding for evryone and the battle against racism & homophobia is a battle worth taking part in and one that i support fully!!!

to evryone readung, thank you so much, i appeciate and try to return upvotes. i´d be more than happy to get to know you so dont hesitate to leave a comment.

originally posted on my steemit photography blog:

have a wonderful day out there, stay creative and possitive!


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Photography - for education and enjoyment!
Photography - for education and enjoyment!

Hello evryone and welcome t my photography & visual arts blog. I welcome the opportunity to be able to share with you my faviorite photografs from my own collection, as well as maybe go back in history and take a look at some iconic photographs and try to go into a discussion on what it is, that makes a particular image "iconic". Even, what makes a photograph "good", what definitions are there, and how are they "flexible" since photography obviusly is an artform much rather than a scientific disipline.

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