Coinpot - One of the Best Sources For Free Crypto Daily

Coinpot - One of the Best Sources For Free Crypto Daily

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 25 Apr 2020

For those who know me I like to talk passive income, that's getting money for as little work as possible! I've decided I want to have the chance to discuss some more "active" ways of earning. And today I bring your attention to Coinpot. This is a cryptocurrency microwallet that operates multiple faucet websites. These faucets are an opportunity for some free crypto with a tiny bit of work involved (a few clicks). Coinpot also offers two sources of passive income which I like, and we will get into all three shortly!

Coinpot has been around quite a while and if you are looking for free crypto they are often one of the first sites you stumble across. I've been using them since 2017 and they are very reliable and I have made quite a chunk of change! Coinpot operates a group of faucet websites that all feed into their multi-coin wallet. You'll find yourself earning Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin. All of these coins will go into your Coinpot wallet, and you can then convert any of these coins, to any other without any fees. I love this about Coinpot! I get to collect multiple faucets but then at the end of the day I change everything I earn to Litecoin. This allows me to reach minimum withdrawals really quickly!

To start earning all you need to do is sign up for Coinpot with an email address, and then use that email to sign into all the below Faucets!

Moon Dogecoin

You'll find the "Moon" series of faucets operated by Coinpot are all very similar so I won't repeat myself. But for the first one I will explain how it works thoroughly. Obviously with this faucet you will earn Dogecoin! Sign up, complete a simple Captcha, and make your first claim! Once you do so you will see a timer. This timer represents how long it has been since your previous faucet claim.

The minimum amount of time until your next claim can be done is 5 minutes, but the longer you wait the more the value of your next claim will increase. Letting it sit for a while will allow it to build to a reasonable level. Now the optimum amount of time to wait, if you were to claim all day long every day is right around 25-30 minutes. After this time the Dogecoin will not pile up as quickly, although it will still accumulate.

I myself am very busy. I work full time, I have a wife, friends, pets,etc. (no kids yet!) On a normal day I'm only claiming a few times but I'm still earning really well! Especially after a night sleep and it's been building up for a while. There are other ways to increase your claims! Coinpot offers multiple bonuses that works as percentage increases on your claims. There is a daily bonus for claiming multiple days in a row, it increases 1% a day until it reaches 100%. There is also a mystery bonus which is random from (1-100%), and a referral bonus whereby you receive a 1% bonus for each active referral you have. An "active" referral is anyone you referred to the faucet who has made a claim in the last 72 hours. Now claim amounts fluctuate based on the value of the crypto, but to give you an idea of what you'll be earning with a maximum daily bonus. I just made a claim (at 3hrs + 26 min) and without any referrals included I earned .94 Dogecoin. That's a very reasonable amount considering it only took me about 20 seconds to do! And when you combine Moon Dogecoin with the other Coinpot faucets and passive income methods you will find yourself earning a LOT more...

Moon Litecoin

Moon Litecoin works just the same except you earn Litecoin! The exact same bonuses are available and everything. And with Coinpot it doesn't really matter what you're earning because it can all be converted to any of these cryptos you want!

Moon Bitcoin

What's different here? You guessed it! Well actually there is something different. Moon Bitcoin has yet another %-based bonus available based on offers and surveys they have available. Every one you complete gives you a 5% bonus for the next 30 days (up to 100% obviously). And yes this stacks with all the other bonuses we have discussed. I myself don't do the offers as I don't have the time.

Moon Cash

Moon Cash offers you the opportunity to earn Bitcoin Cash (swap it to something else quick haha) Moon Cash operates the same as Moon Bitcoin with an offerwall bonus available, on top of the regular bonuses.

Moon Dash

And the final Moon Faucet operates just as you would except, paying you in Dash. There are 2 more faucets operated by Coinpot and they are as follows...

Bit Fun

So this bad boy is a little different. The website offers games for you to play which don't pay you at all. As well as offers available to complete for Bitcoin. The faucet here pays the most Bitcoin of any of the BTC faucets, but doesn't offer any bonuses at all for daily claims or anything like that. And now we come to the final Coinpot Faucet...

Bonus Bitcoin

This faucet offers you the chance to claim it every 15 minutes. By default your faucet claim will be a random amount up to a maximum of 5,000 satoshi (current average is 16 satoshi). If instead you just want to get the average amount each time, then you can select that option. I myself believe the 5,000 satoshi is really unlikely to be "rolled" and made my settings accordingly so I always receive the average claim amount.

This faucet also features a daily bonus where at the end of the day you will receive a bonus 5% of all the claims you had made that day. This faucet pays quite well considering how you can claim the max amount every 15 minutes.

Now remember all these earnings are heading to your Coinpot multi-coin wallet! You can see an example of one below.



Is That It?

No. Now I know it seems overwhelming at first, these are a LOT of faucets. But it really only takes a minute or two to claim them all. And soon you'll find you're earning quite a bit! I'm not going to get into the math of it all but I actually made over $500 last year purely from the Coinpot ecosystem when you include price appreciation of the crypto I earned. This is excluding referrals too!

And the thing about Coinpot is it doesn't stop with these faucets. I sometimes don't have the time to claim the faucets depending on my personal life, but there are passive income opportunities here as well!

Coinpot Mining

When you log into your Coinpot multi-currency wallet you will see every crypto you have, and their totals listed. You can click a little dropdown menu on the currency of your choice and you will see the option to "mine."

As long as you leave this browser window open your device will mine the chosen currency. You can choose various settings based on how much of your computer power you want to dedicate to this process. I myself leave this on anytime I'm not using my computer and love it. I choose to mine Dogecoin myself and earn 1-2 Dogecoin a day doing nothing at all! All i do is leave my device to do it's work.

Coinpot Referrals

Every Coinpot Faucet has a referral system. And if you've read any of my other posts you'll know I'm always pumping referral systems to help you increase your passive income. They are one of the best methods around!

Each Faucet has a unique referral link associated with each one, and they also have different payment values for referrals as follows:

Moon Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash: You will earn 25% commission on every claim a referral makes.

Moon Bitcoin, Bit Fun, Bonus Bitcoin: You will earn %50 commission on every claim a referral makes.

As you can see Coinpot has one of the best referral systems for someone seeking passive income. The lifetime commission is a top tier feature allowing you to cash in for years off of one referral! However there is one drawback, there is no benefit to the person who is USING your referral. This does bump them down a peg as it can lead to fewer referrals for you. But despite that this system is still very good.

Coinpot has even more functions that I haven't touched on because they don't lend themselves to making any more money. But if you want to explore they offer a Lottery system to gamble with, a random number rolling game with 0% house edge. Oh and I even forgot to mention Coinpot Tokens! With each faucet claim on all the websites you will earn 3 tokens which have an arbitrary value determined by Coinpot. You can also convert them to any of the currencies Coinpot offers and withdraw them as crypto!

There is something important to note with Coinpot. They are infamous for having little to no customer service. If you do something they dont like they are willing to ban you with no notice, and its very likely your support emails will go unnoticed. I recommend everyone to take your payouts regularly and not to store large sums on Coinpot. However with that said, I myself have never experienced this it is merely something Ive heard of happening to others. But if youre merely claiming your faucet claims regularly and not attempting to abuse the platform with bots Im sure your experience will be like most, which is a good time earning a couple of crypto bucks!

Coinpot has been around a long time and proven themselves as one of the most reliable, high paying faucets out there. I generally tout passive income as the way to go, as I am a lazy bastard. And Coinpot does have these available, but the faucets they operate are their bread and butter. I encourage you to sign up and begin getting paid yourself! You'll see that I used my referral link above when naming the faucets. Obviously there is no benefit to you using them but if you want to help out a fellow crypto-enthusiast then please use them for signing up to the individual faucets.

Edit: Honestly if I seem over-enthusiastic don't let it put you off. The only reason is because I've been into passive income, faucets, and things like this for a few years now. And the Coinpot-owned faucets are some of the first I found. And after all this time, they've proven to be some of the best out there for me and many others. And I can't really say enough positive things about them so let's get into it...

Edit #2: If you've read a previous post I did about a video hosting site that pays you in crypto to watch videos called HideoutTV. You may be interested to know you can leave that website playing videos in the background, all the while running Coinpot Mining in a smaller window over top, and you will be paid by both services at once without issue!

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