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Shorts cryptonews for this week 44/52 (2021)

By Pasucaru | Crypto on fire | 6 Nov 2021

- Ethereum (ETH) crosses the $ 4,600 mark and Ethereum could rise 80% by the end of the year to reach $ 8,000, according to an analysis note from Goldman Sachs' managing director of global markets. (PR Newswire / Investing)  

- Polkadot (DOT) hits a new all-time high at over $ 50. The crowdloan have arrived on the Polkadot network (for an additional bonus for Acala you can use the code here and for Parallel Heiko code here)

- Enjin (ENJ) announced the launch of the $ 100 million "Efinity Metaverse Fund" to support its decentralized metaverse project. (The Block)

- Elrond (EGLD) announces a partnership with to bridge NFT between the Elrond Network and Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Fantom networks. (Soon TRON, Algorand, Avalanche, Solana, Cardano and Tezos. (Maiar DEX exchange will be active on november 19, see my post about Maiar by Elrond here)

- Coinbase announces that users in 21 US states can now borrow up to $ 1 million using their bitcoins as collateral.

- is the #1 Google Play Store app in the US this week. (Cointelegraph)

- Binance CEO (CZ) announces in Paris this week the creation of a € 100 Million "Objectif Lune" Initiative to help develop the french and european Crypto Ecosystem.

- Microsoft has announced the creation of its own metaverse via Teams. (The Verge)

- Nike is preparing its entry into the metaverse. The company has announced plans to design and sell Nike-branded virtual sneakers and apparel.

- Burger King is partnering with Robinhood to deliver cryptocurrency rewards to its U.S. customers  (The Block) and McDonald's will offer 10 exclusive "McRib" NFTs to people residing in the United States.

- Online banking Revolut plans to start its own crypto exchange. (CoinDesk)

- El Salvador will build 20 new schools with the profits generated from the Bitcoin.

- SCB, Thailand's oldest bank, is acquiring a 51% stake in the country's largest crypto exchange for around $ 536.6 million. (CoinDesk)

- Commonwealth Bank, Australia's largest bank, plans to integrate cryptocurrency into its banking app by next year. The bank will thus enable its 6.5 million customers, or about 25% of the population, to hold and use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. (Financial Review)

- Quentin Tarantino has announced the sale of unreleased scenes from his famous film Pulp Fiction in the form of NFTs.

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