5 reasons tu use Maiar by Elrond

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 18 Apr 2021

Maiar is the wallet by Elrond ($EGLD), it's time to get it to be ready for the next steps. 

Here are five good reasons to use Maiar :

 1 - Book your @herotag now, not too late, the herotag is your pseudo to send and receive your crypto like Paypal system ( for instance my herotag is @pasucaru, up to you to send some eGold tips even 0.001 $EGLD with infinitesimal fees and incredible speed)

2 - When you install the Maiar wallet with my referral : rue4iq93cx you get $10 cashback reward when you buy your first $EGLD 

3 - Then Stake you $EGLD trought Maiar wallet and earn rewards (depends on staking provider, dyor)

4 - Earn MEX and LKMEX (locked MEX) token with the Maiar exchange   ( There is an opportunity to unlocked LKMEX with lockedmex.exchange but you get half price)

5- Earn with the Maiar Launchpad 

More information here 

and the last reason could be your interest in the universe of "The Lord of the ...." token


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