Short cryptonews for this week 18/52 (2022)

By Pasucaru | pass fire | 7 May 2022

- BTC is having a 6th consecutive week in the red, what is certain is that there will only be 21 million Bitcoins issued in the world so Bitcoin will inevitably pick up again at one time or be continued.

- The founder of Tron launched the clone of the algorithmic stablecoin Terra in his blockchain and called it "the most decentralized in the world". (Coindesk)

- The Luna foundation purchased 37,863 BTC worth $1.5 billion – it now has 80,394 BTC on its balance sheet.

- The huge sponsorship contracts paid by (World Cup 2022, Paris Saint-Germain: 30M€, Formula 1: 100M$, UFC: 175M$, Staples Center Naming 700M$), led to a drop in the cashback of users to ensure the sustainability of the company.

- Binance has received the PSAN license and is therefore regulated in France and plans to make Paris its European hub.

- To buy Twitter, Elon Musk received funding commitments from binance of $500 million, but also from several funds such as a16z or sequoia.

- Nike sold NFT sneakers for 45 Ethereum, or almost 125 thousand dollars. (PCGamer)

- South Korea announces repeal of ban on ICOs, put in place in 2017. Reform is possible thanks to the recent election of a pro-crypto president.

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