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Crypto Newbie: Spending All Day to Understand Ecosystem a Little Bit More

By Ali_St | Paradoxal_Investment | 2 Jul 2022

Here we are creating/tipping contents and in return we are getting crypto rewards. In order to withdraw these rewards we have to meet some requierements! But as a total crypto newbie, I really dont know most of the terminology used. Farming, staking, on-chain, erc-20, fantom etc. etc. 

It looks so complicated to a person whose only experience in crypto is sending fiat currency to Binance and buying cryptos in return until this day!

But it's certain that every journey begins with a first step and I wanted to take that step today!

So here I started to read posts about metamask first. I am grateful to all content creators for their helpful posts! (I could tip some of them but unfortunately couldn't some because of tipping limit!)

Therefore I successfully installed Metamask to my Brave browser! (What an achievement, right? :D )

Then I started to read about ampleforth, statera, fantom etc. and managed to create Fantom account on Metamask in order to withdraw STAs! (But have to wait until monday for regular pay day!)

Yeah, seems pretty good improvement for one day but I didn't want to stop there :)

So as a trial I bought FTM with $10 on Binance and tried to send it to my Metamask account! And bingo! It just took 3 minutes and with very very low fee! I loved it!

I also wanted to try buying crypto on Fantom network and using SpookySwap I bought 808 STA for 20 FTM!

Last but not the least, below screen made me the most thrilled. (I burnt 8 STA from remaining supply)

STA burn

It was a fruitful for a newbie :)

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