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October Roundup

By LukeWaiks | Page 2 Crypto | 8 Nov 2021

Okay, welcome back! October has been a clown rodeo on bath salts, but as I told my good friend “this is what anarcho-capitalism looks like.” It’s not “bad” despite two doggie coins holding the top 10. Sigh. It’s less crazy than the- no this is no less crazy than anything ever. Look at these candles!!!


And, now a week into November, we get even crazier moves of many of the alts I've mentioned here (like Celo, BAT, Helium and Stacks) and some mid-100's cracking up into the top 100 (Decentraland, Wonderland and Sandbox). 

I was demoralized by the rise of doggie coins. Whatever your feeling on them, you can't discount their huge market moves:

ShibaInu candles

Okay, on to the rundown.

  1. Osmosis is an Automatic Market Maker on the Cosmos ecosystem. I follow these fellows and believe they are doing the Lords work in a sea of possible scammers and dumbness.

107: Nexus Mutual- I’m going to profile these guys in November. They’ve been steady-Eddie in this topsy-turvy market and I must respect their boringness.                                                             

112: IOST hold position. Good. They are where they need to be. Same with REN and Telcoin. 

129: 0x is up next in the hopper. Stay tuned!

136: UMA= Universal Market Access. I got very interested in these folks. I joined their Discord and requested to attend their frequent meetings but I am too boomer to figure out how to join.

139: SKALE seems to be a different approach to Etheruem sidechains or state channels. In a way, they are tokenizing the use of virtual machines like containers, dockers or kubernetes. Reminds me of Chainlink in a way.

I had a half-hour riff session with my beloved cousin and my wife about #148 1inch. My quip: [penis-related joke] Wife: [laughter] Cousin: [laughter and shame]. That’s all you need to know.

147: RadioCaca:  Verbatim from their Coingecko: “USM Lab is the creator of the Universal Metaverse (USM)  and blockchain game Metamon. USM is a 3D Planet virtual world where players can buy land and build stores and art galleries. Users can zoom in and zoom out dynamically inside and around the 3D planet, just like Google Earth. The USM Metaverse beta test version will be launched in December 2021.

There will be a massive NFT marketplace inside the Metaverse for swapping collectibles.  The USM Metaverse can provide IGO (initial Game Offering) Launchpad services for games and ISO (initial Social Dapp Offering) launchpad services for Social Dapps.“ Sounds horrific!

148: OriginTrail. I almost punted this as an Oregon Trail memecoin (I have spent many hours in that game, earning GenX cred shamelessly). I shant discard it. Listen to the descriptor: " OriginTrail is the world’s first Decentralized Knowledge Graph, organizing humanity’s most important assets, and making them discoverable, verifiable and valuable. It connects the physical world (art, healthcare, fashion, education, supply chains, ...) and the digital world (blockchain, smart contracts, Metaverse & NFTs, and DeFi, …) in a single connected reality. Advanced knowledge graph technology currently powers trillion-dollar companies like Google and Facebook. By reshaping it for Web3, the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph provides a crucial fabric to link, verify, and value data on both physical and digital assets." Contrast this with RadioCaca...

170: Constellation: This dropped in market cap in the last month. Don’t be fooled. They've been buying companies and implimenting lots of interesting partnerships. (Full disclosure: I am a graduate of their Flight Program, and I hold a small amount of DAG) They launched several projects that run on their Layer 0 protocol and there will be many more to come. 

  1. Kava dropped a bit. Still on the list to cover… maybe.
  2. Dogelon Mars, rose to 118: Well, shut up and take my money! No. Nevermind, I’ll buy food and gasoline instead because I have a career and family. You can’t trick me with clever memery, even if the Technoking is involved. Which he isn’t (he has better things to do)



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