Presearch: A new way to search and get rewarded!

Presearch: A new way to search and get rewarded!

By kraniax | online crypto earning | 5 May 2021

On one of my previous posts, I talked about how to earn free crypto (which is actually worth money online) using Brave browser, today I'm gonna show you another way you can earn crypto without doing anything out of the ordinary! 

Link to previous post: Brave browser: Best browser for crypto, privacy and rewards!

What is Presearch? Put simply, With over 2 million registered users Presearch is a decentralized search engine where you get rewarded with crypto by searching the internet, all of this while protecting your privacy by not tracking you and/or not storing your searches unlike most mainstream search engines that track you and stores your data to earn money off of you. 

How to use Presearch? Head over to and make it your default search engine and start searching. 


The Presearch homepage

How do you get rewarded? By searching around the web, something you've been doing ever since you've known the internet. For every search, you get rewarded with 0.12 PRE, PRE is the token you get rewarded with while searching with Presearch, PRE is currently valued around $0.7 on coinmarketcap, although you only get rewarded for your 30 searches and the minimum payout is 1000 PRE, but you can also apply to run a node by staking 1000 PRE and earning extra rewards. 

I understand the issues that come with using new search engines, such as not showing relevant-enough search results, I've personally experienced those issues with search engines like DuckDuckGo or a few other search engines but using Presearch for a while now, I have never faced such an issue and I almost always get the results that I search for. 

I personally believe using decentralized technologies such as Presearch helps reduce the influence of tech giants over the internet and will stop us/users from being the product and use an internet that is free for everyone and our data stays safe and isn't used for their own benefit.

Here's my referral, if you decide to try Presearch.

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online crypto earning
online crypto earning

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