You are what you eat, or are you?

This rather popular phrase is often used out of context and sometimes ridiculed mostly without a good reason. Because it is for the most part true although not in a literal way.

There is another similar one that doesn't get so much attention but is equally right - " the most important thing is what's on the other end of your fork". 

What these phrases are telling us is that what we put into our mouths is probably the most important thing for our health. 

Unfortunately for all of us, capitalism and man's greed have created a food industry that will do anything to cut costs of ingredients and that means feeding us with toxins and nutrients that our bodies, in the best case simply don't need and in the worst case cause illness and death. 

Another less than ideal situation is the perception that we have to eat tasty food. This is being repeated by media and books and amplified by other greedy people who would try to convince you of anything for a few pennies.

Taste is a great motivator and is being used by clever people to get rich. The trouble is that taste doesn't always come up the right nutrition and so if we follow our taste we would likely suffer one way or another.

The solution is neither easy, not straightforward. But it is necessary if you want to be healthy and avoid eating the toxins the food industry serves you in a convenient packaging.

East fresh, nothing from a package. Cool your own food. Avoid food containing ingredients that you don't know the meaning of. Fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts and meals you cooked yourself with natural products. yes it is hard and probably more expensive ... But if you get sick , it won't be cheap either.

Time to wake up and start a new journey to improve your health.

Do it now!!

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On life, the universe and everything

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