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Hey there just a quick update, if you are reading this then you are here for my PB being set as aimed for in the last blog at the last moments!!

Hint: You can find my last blog with my favourite elements and strategy - Splinterlands Part 2 (Strategy)

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I finally hit Champion League and I could not be happier, I have been so close...so many times, till now

Splinterlands -= Champions League

The timing on this could not have been better seeing as my last daily rewards were also received just as I hit Champion League and the rewards were definitely worth it. The booster pack alone is worth 2000 DEC or Coins (I prefer to open them but a lot of people keep them for later sales on the market) and the rest of the cards/DEC was not too bad either. This allowed me to purchase my third dragon splinter lord and almost get her up to lvl 2, she gives all my troops flying so it will be great to be able to pick any element with dragons and give your favourite lineup flying. 

Champion League 3 Daily Loot

Here is the last battle for Champion League -Earth Win For Champion League

This combination of Unicorn and Nymph has really carried me all the way through this time, you will see in my previous article how well the combo can work. I did have favourable match ups and there is usually more than a little luck involved with those last minute win streaks, I am just glad that I could get here with no summoners over lvl 2. I feel like my next move here would be to get some more summoners over the lvl 2 limit, I do have quite a few of my troops that get capped badly and which I do not want to burn/sell. 

Thanks for the read and let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know about in future pieces




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(OMG)Old Man Gamer
(OMG)Old Man Gamer

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(OMG) Old Man Gamer
(OMG) Old Man Gamer

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