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I was playing today with an eye on Champion League, which is a high hope since I have no summoner higher than lvl 2, but I have gotten very close. There are less than 2 days left before the main league prizes, so I am trying to maximise my rewards. This has led me to do this basic strategy guide, I would like to form a whole new blog for individual strategies in the future and this piece will be used as the overall look. Check the hints

Splinterlands - Leagues


Splinterlands-Part 2 (Strategy)

Part 2 - Strategy and learning from my mistakes


The First part of the game strategy to understand, is how the two points below will affect your game and how you can try to maximise your cards to suit each round: 

  • Elements
  • Summoners Level Cap and your Playable Card Power



Splinterlands - Elements

This could be the single most important factor when you begin playing the game. The valid elements for the individual games will determine which summoners you get to pick and it can also make certain choices made in regards to card levels irrelevant. You could put all your hard fought for DEC into the earth element, then you do not get to pick it in quite a few games and even though you do not lose money when you lose a game, you do lose some of your daily earning %.

Hint: The DEC capture rate regenerates at 25% per day and tournaments do not affect the capture rate

I found that you must get at least one Summoner of each element up to lvl 2, I still have to get my lvl 2 white element and I compete all the way to Diamond 1 with a close shot at Champion a few times. The daily DEC coupled with card rewards can start adding up quickly and you will definitely benefit from buying individual elements cards just to have the pick when you do not get your favourite Splinters, some of them cheaper than 1 cent. After you have diversified into each element, then you can start building at least 3 strong elements that will be your game winners with higher level summoners. If a little money is not an object then put a little in and you will be able to have your lvl 2 summoners with really solid creatures to keep you in Diamond. I have put around $40 in (taken from other trading accounts and just dust accumulated) and my card values come in around $45 market value, which is not impressive, but this is money that I am making while I play something I really like and would have played anyway.

Hint: Overview and Economy was handled in the first piece that you can find here - Blog 1 - OMG Splinterlands Overview and Economy


Try not to upgrade creature cards from the individual elements before you have upgraded your summoner, they will be level locked and lose a lot of power in the game while you are being matched to someone of your Playable Card Power. It can make a big difference when you have a lvl 1 Summoner and it locks your higher lvl troops, that have been upgraded, to a lower level but you still get matched to a player that has the lvl 2 summoner and they can bring more power to the board. That being said...You should have at least one of every summoner even at lvl 1 so that you do not just lose games without at least  a chance of some picks.

I will take a look at the individual Summoners and what cards they either buff for your side or de-buff on their side in individual pieces, there is a lot to check out from authors on this platform too so you will have a wealth of information on this. Trying to keep your card levels low in regards to your summoners is a very valid strategy and I even burn/sell some cards if I cannot use them, I have too many and so that I do not inflate my Playable Card Power.

Hint: Not all of the Summoners cap their troops at the same level, make sure you check the Summoner stats

I chose the following Elements to level up and I am going to give some idea's and one battle for each

A very powerful Element with a lot of healing and I have had so much success...Golden Unicorn matched with a Wood Nymph can be so OP sometimes that I am busy setting up a compilation video. The Unicorn alone can negate a lot of magic damage and the Nymph just keeps healing him back up whilst the other creatures you got to choose will keep hitting them hard.  The earth element can be Mana intensive so fielding lower Mana Cap battles will be more difficult in the beginning

Can be extremely quick whilst also having a lot of Blast and Sneak abilities that can quickly cripple opponents by taking out their value creature i.e the Wood Nymph mentioned above. With the fire element it is easier to field a low Mana Cap battle and you will also love the Living Lava that has a damage reduction, the Blast ability of the Fire Spirit coupled with the damage reduction of the Living Lava can break a back line with low health.

Hint: Place a Kobold Miner in the lineup, get him up a little in level and that 2 Sneak damage for 2 Mana can quickly kill their back line

This element is a great cross-over for summoners, you get to play the Dragon element cards and you get to mix that with one of the other playable elements too. This can be a big deal especially when you have an element with low level summoners and still use the element with a lvl 2 Dragon summoner. Seeing as it is playable with all active mana elements, it is very versatile and can really snatch seemingly impossible battles like the one above.

I think that will be it for now and this should help you make a better informed decision when you choose which cards you want to level up and how you want to spend your DEC.



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