How to buy and sell r/CryptoCurrency MOONs - Trade Reddit MOONs

By okean123 | okean123 | 1 Apr 2021

You can earn cryptocurrency on Reddit by posting to specific subreddits like r/cryptocurrency and r/fortnite. The tokens that you get are MOONs or BRICKs. Trading them to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum is not always straightforward. In this video I show how to get your tokens from Reddit to your wallet and then trade them for other tokens.

Here you can find a text based tutorial for the things that I show in the video:

Set up xDAI network:

xDAI Bridge:

Rinkeby Faucet:


NANO MOON exchange:

MOON to xMOON bridge:

xMOON honeyswap:

00:00 Intro

01:02 Requirements

01:30 Setting up Metamask

02:35 Getting Rinkeby ETH

03:28 Getting xDAI

05:03 Transferring MOONs to personal wallet

06:25 Selling MOONs for NANO

06:57 Transfer MOONs to xDAI network

08:35 Selling MOONs for other cryptocurrency

10:22 Transfer xDAI to Ethereum DAI 10:50 Outro

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Moons and Bricks are subreddit-specific Ethereum-based tokens distributed to participants of the subreddits. Moons reward posters, commenters, and moderators for their contributions to the subreddit. They are distributed monthly and used to weight your vote on polls.

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