Cleaning up the cities & buying Splinterlands assets with the deposit € Part 9 - February 2024

By NoZem | Nozem01 Splinterlands | 22 Feb 2024

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Hi everyone! something else to post about today, I live in The Netherlands, and like most country's we have a deposit system for bottles for years already, this has been expanded to smaller bottles and cans this year to prevent people leaving them outside.
I think it's a great plan and will help to prevent litter in the streets and nature, most people will now take the bottles and cans with them or others (like me) will pick them up when we see them, my kids started doing this, and I thought... when they're not around why wouldn't I do it myself, keep track of how much I find every month and buy cards as investment for the future from my favorite game, Splinterlands with!

It's not that I go scouring in trashcans or something like that 😄 I'll just pay a little extra attention in my daily life and during my Move2Earn walks, playing Genopets and @actifit activity tracker. In my country the deposit is €0.15 for smaller bottles and cans and €0.25 for 1.5 liter bottles and up. I think it's a fun way to spend the money I get with the deposits, and while it's only a few cents every month, it's a win-win activity like this.


What Is Splinterlands?

So, for people who don't know, Splinterlands is an online collectible card game using blockchain technology. Every card in the game is owned as a NFT and is traded on the Hive blockchain. It's the digital, modern version of Magic: The Gathering with some extra advantages like it's much easier to rent out cards to other players for profit, join tournaments and Guild Brawls.

Cards are available to buy and sell through the ingame marketplace as well as on third-party online marketplaces like Peakmonsters and Monstermarket. Winners can earn real money in the form of Splinterlands own governance token Splinterlands Shards (SPS), making it a lucrative platform for extremely skilled players with the best cards.

With your card set you battle other players, each card has it's own mana value, strengths and abilities and every battle has another mana cap and different rule set, in the higher leagues up to 3 rulesets combined, so if you can wrap your head around the do's and don't in this particular match better than your opponent does, you'll have an advantage already, making it a highly strategic game.



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Last month I made €15.75 and I bought a total of 605 SPS for it 🤑, you can find my last post here.


update February 2024:

12 small bottles each €0.15 = € 1.80
62 cans each €0.15 = € 9.30
0 big bottle each €0.25 = € 0.00
€ 11.10


So this month was not as good as last one, but I expected this, last two months had been great and finding €11 is still not bad at all, I'm having a shoulder injury resulting in me having a colleague with me to help me on most of my work days so I can't search for cans like I normally do.

When I started this little project, my plan was to buy as much reward cards as possible with the money I found, and I bought a total of 2357 single cards with it, at the start of the new year, I made a new plan and decided my best approach would be to buy SPS with it, since it has more upward potential.

SPS price today being at $0.025 I'm able to buy a total of 444 SPS this month! 🤑


Proof of my findings:





See you on my post next month!



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Thank you for reading!!!

If you haven't made an account already, please consider using my referral link to sign up, I'll happily send the amount I get for your signup back to you in DEC or SPS to help you start.

Have a great day!

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