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By simpleMINDfull | Nostradamus | 7 Apr 2023

In this article a pseudonym called simpleMINDfull writes: ‘You are known to be the one who knew in 2019 that is now dismantling the name signs from bank tower skyscrapers in mayor cities and putting theirs on. How?'

In 2021 something surprisingly similar to this actually happens. The Staples Center is being rebranded.

I listen to simpleMINDfull very closely. Does anyone else?

In March 2020 I predict: The merger & acquisition era

In February 2022 PwC publishes a report indicating a 5000% increase in Crypto Mergers in 2021.

I myself am aware I write from the future, how many others out there are?

In April 2020 I am forecasting: ‘If only 0.1% of what you are about to read next is right, the crypto market cap is going to be (TWOTRILLION) within less than a decade. Let’s say a year to be more bold.

Exactly that happened right after… to the date. Who doesn't know that?

How do I know?....
....because I am Nostradamus and I am writing to you from your own future.
So long, thanks for stopping by!

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Simple - MIND - ful(l) These 3 meanings describe the sole purpose of this being. Create Simplicity through twisting!


Nostradamus was predicting the future by using his educated eye for obvious occurrences, he as a doctor was not able to deny. More about Nostradamus on odysee:

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