By simpleMINDfull | Nostradamus | 24 Mar 2020

This is a true story from the future. As of today it is bare of any facts other than it becoming a rumour today and...




                                             ...THINKING….. is the self proclaimed pioneer of crypto adoption.

Civic is pioneering the identity market.

Bitgo is the entity that provides essential tools for and Civic to achieve their goals.


SIMPLE : Civic’s sovereign Identity wallet is based on Bitgo’s tech and is several months overdue.

MIND: Civic bought a simple domain: just like

FULL: has been announcing a ‘moon stop over’ and a non-custodial wallet for at least as long as Civic has been postponing.

SIMPLE : has been representing the ‘amazon approach’ to create something so great, so it is just irresistible.

MIND: Bitgo is the glue between the two and in position to support the new empire.

FULL: is first in line for at least the excess insurance product Bitgo offers.

SIMPLE: Integrating a sovereign identity, non-custodial wallet into that has already been build by the identity leader makes sense.

MIND: Providing access and adoption for through the and crypto pay user base makes sense.

FULL: Bitgo sits in the middle and has helped craft a deal that is irresistible as it makes them irreplaceable.

Welcome to the era of mergers and acquisition. If not this one, then another one will make big news soon.

Follow-up updates of M&A after publication

April 2020 Binance buys Coinmarketcap

2021 Crypto Merger Deals Skyrocketed 5,000%




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Simple - MIND - ful(l) These 3 meanings describe the sole purpose of this being. Create Simplicity through twisting!


Nostradamus was predicting the future by using his educated eye for obvious occurrences, he as a doctor was not able to deny. More about Nostradamus on odysee:

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