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the tip of the iceberg

MARKETCAP of Gazilliontrillioninfinityandthree by TWOTHOUSANDTWENDYANDSOMETHING

By simpleMINDfull | Nostradamus | 24 Apr 2020

Interesting! You clicked this article and as you are reading it now you are wondering if it was worth it.
Take a deep breath in... I am serious. Go ahead and actually take a mindful breath in…… and out!
Feel the air streaming into your lungs, as you continue to breathe, keep reading this text!
I know that you are looking for:
Freedom!  Independence,  and Out-of-the-Ordinary!
How do I know?....
....because I am Nostradamus and I am writing to you from your own future.
If only 0.1% of what you are about to read next is right, the crypto marketcap is going to be (TWOTRILLION) within less than a decade. Let’s say a year to be more bold.
The assumption about the value of the crypto marketcap in your future is obvious to me, as I am already here.
This visualization of the distribution of money and markets will help you find your way to the future too.
One of these squares represents 100 Billion USD:
This is the approximate current marketcap of cryptocurrencies. You will soon understand why it is not important that it seems to be off by several Billion….
Next comes the net worth of only the 50!!! richest people in the world. I do the math for you.
It is the current crypto marketcap x 10.
The next image shows you the value of only the stock markets, manifesting the assumption that STO’s (Security Token Offerings) are set to disrupt this market amongst many others.
There are about 750 squares there. Crypto has about 2 as a comparison. I let you do the math what it means if this market gets disrupted, and it is disrupted as we speak.

This is still just the tip of the iceberg. I spend several nights, when I could not fall asleep, counting all the squares in all the markets as shown in the original source. I came to 17.917 Squares give or take a few. Crypto has only 2 squares, remember? 
17.917 Squares at 100 Billion each equals 17.910.700.000.000.000 USD. (17 Quadrillion)
                                   Crypto currently is at:    USD

In the future I live, we all know that crypto came, and disrupted the financial markets, which these squares represent. So this is no assumption, this is a known fact.
Now let’s play:
  • Disruption and 1% market share for crypto of the big pie means a crypto marketcap of 179 squares, equals  a 100 x increase of the crypto market cap.
  • Never will crypto disrupt 1% I, if anything at all its more like 0.1%! Still equals 10 x increase.
  • Oh no, those numbers in the visualization are not right, lets just take only 10% of it and disrupt that by 1%. Equals 10 x for crypto marketcap.
However you twist it in a pessimistic Roubini point of view. Crypto comes out on top by 10 x or more.
But wait, did you not hear the news that some world governments are releasing their own cryptocurrencies? Not one not two, they are racing… that’s a signal.

Gaining only 2 of 17.917 squares means a doubling market cap.
As I from the future have already seen it happen, crypto essentially disrupts the entire market getting 5% market share at some point, increasingly more after that.
Equals 447 x coming in.

I am afraid I have to tell you that it is not a matter of IF it happens, not even WHEN it happens. The interesting question for you to consider is: How fast will it happen?

Disruption means one loses what the other gains. Imagine a seesaw, as one side is going down the other side goes up. If you go down fast and hit the bottom with a bang, the one going up is better holding on tight, so as to not go for a moonshot.
Who is going down? Who is going up?

Eckhardt Tolle teaches us about when NOW is. You know that I know that You know that NOW is NOW.

So long, thanks for stopping by! My name is Nostradamus, writing to you from your own future, today!
Let’s go exit the system!

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