What makes Atomic Wallet the Best Crypto wallet?

What makes Atomic Wallet the Best Crypto wallet?

By Mabla | nick07 | 18 Jun 2020

Atomic wallet is a newly decentralized crypto currency wallet launched released in 2018 by Konstantin Gladych. It support a lot of crypto currencies on the market and it also supports BEP2 and ERC20 tokens which makes it the best crypto wallet as it is fully packed with a lot of features which other crypto wallets do not offer.

You can download the wallet on their website and it supports a lot of operating systems from Linux, MacOS, Windows, android devices and mobile devices which run on IOS. If you have a promo code you can use it when you have created you wallet and register for their airdrop and for this you will receive 15 AWC tokens and currently 1 AWC token is worth $0.5.


Features and Advantages of Atomic wallet

Safety. Users of Atomic wallet are guaranteed that all their crypto currencies stored in this wallet a very safe from hackers and the wallet is not vulnerable to DDoS attacks or sniffers. When you create your wallet you are given a recovery phrase which consists of 12 words and this is used to recover you wallet when you change a device and it is also used to generate encrypted private keys.

Airdrops. They offer airdrops and any active users will benefit from this whenever the round of distributions occurs and you will receive AWC tokens. They currently offer airdrops of JUST, BitTorrent and Wink FOR any user who is holding at least 100 Tron (TRX) in their wallets. So all you need is to keep 100 TRX in your Atomic wallet and be eligible for these 3 tokens airdrops.

Atomic swap Technology. This feature is secure, fast and easy to use and there is no need for third parties. It also supports a lot of crypto currencies including Bitcoin and any type of tokens which run on Ethereum blockchain.

Sending and Exchanging. When you want to send Ethereum based tokens e.g. Loopring or Basic Attention Token you will need some Ethereum in your wallet first for you to transfer these token and the same process applies when converting tokens within the wallet e.g. for you to send AWC token you should have Binance coin (BNB) in your wallet.

Built in Exchanger. With the atomic wallet all you need is fully packed in there, you are able to convert from one coin to another at lower rates so there will be no need of transferring coins to an external exchanger.

Buy crypto. You can also buy crypto currencies within this wallet using MasterCard or Visa cards with a processing fee of 5% and the minimum transaction you can perform is $10 and it doesn’t take long for you coins to reflect after buying approximately 30minutes.

Staking. Atomic wallet has an option of staking different coins e.g. Vechain, Tron, Komodo etc. and for staking you are guaranteed a certain percentage paid annually and it’s a wonderful feature just gating paid for staking.


So with these whole features it gives Atomic wallet a huge advantage against other crypto wallets and it is likely to stay on top because it saves a lot of time you won’t have to go and transact at different exchanger, all you need is now in one place.

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