Reason to choose Publish0x over other blogging platforms.

Reason to choose Publish0x over other blogging platforms.

By Mabla | nick07 | 14 Jun 2020

Blogging is another way of making online and there are a lot of blogging sites you can choose. You can choose what any field you want to blog about about crypto currencies, health and fitness, fashion and many others, but it’s not all bout blogging and making money but it’s about choosing the right platform which is easier and favorable.

There are lots of blogging platforms including., steemit, and publish0x among others but these platforms have different features which distinguishes them from each other and we would like to see what these features are and which role they play.

Different features:

  • Simplicity
  • Payment methods 
  • Clear platform 
  • Ways of earning


A platform has to be very simple and not complicated to study how it works, it has to be just short and precise so that publishers knows exactly were to click and why. The platform has to be self-explanatory and no need for tutorials on how to go about it just like on publish0x there is no way you will get confused it’s just clearer and easy to use unlike others.

Payment methods

Payment methods has to be favorable and unique, imagine you are just told you are told that we use only one type of payment and maybe you don’t have access to that type of payment then it means you will not go for that offer.

Maybe the payment method used has a lot of disadvantages at least they should be balanced e.g. on publish0x there are 3 types of coins earned and the other coins is a stable coin which makes it unique and favorable.

Clear platform

A platform has to be clear and not over crowded, if things are just scattered around you will not be able to know what to pick. Instead you will now have to invest more time in learning about the site and how to make money instead of making money itself, but when it comes to publish0x everything is on point and clearer.

Ways of earning

Ways of earning has to be clearly stated to users of the site so that everyone gets on board knowing how he is going to make money not to find his way when he gets there. Other platforms reward their users for just reading and commenting and doesn’t matter if you are a good writer or not.

It might seem easy but it’s not easy at all because first it’s not so clear how you will get the reward so the process is just complicated, but on publish0x you will know you are going to be paid for reading and publishing and you are rewarded that very moment.


So combining all these factors we can clearly see that publish0x is outstanding for its payment methods, ways of earning, simplicity and clear platform and I am sure it will remain the best and favorable.


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