In what ways XRP is better than BCH?

In what ways XRP is better than BCH?

By Mabla | nick07 | 16 Jun 2020

Bitcoin cash (BCH) was created in August 2017 as a result of hard fork of Bitcoin and it was an update of the block size and this one could transact many transactions at once as a result of its block size with a lightning network which confirms transactions faster than bitcoin.

BCH could be a better method of payment as compared to bitcoin as it has competitive fees as it was meant for this. It is currently costing $231 per coin and a market capitalization of $4.2 billion with a supply of 21 million coins and has once reached $4.300 per coin.

What Is XRP and how does it work?

People are sometimes confused when it comes to XRP, these thing comes in 3 which is Ripple, XRP and Ripple network so let see each of thee and clarify:

Ripple. This is the company behind XRP the crypto currency and Ripple Network, this company had an idea of making a payment system which is used by the banking system and the project was initiated in 2012.

XRP. This is the digital currency with a capitalization of $8.2 billion and supply of 100 billion coins which cost $0.18 per each XRP. This coin was created with an intentions to be a cheap and fast method of payment, it runs on the Ripple Net and this network is super-fast when processing transaction.

Ripple Net. This is the network on which the XRP digital currency runs on, it is super-fast when confirming transaction which makes it the perfect network when conducting business transactions online. If other payment systems can process more than 1000 transaction per second then Ripple Net should have something better on offer for it to be considered as the best.


Better or Best?

Bitcoin came as a shocker in 2017 as it proved to be the be better method of payment being compared to bitcoin which was already used, BCH has lower transaction cost and a fast network for confirming transaction, just imagine BTC processed less than 7 transactions per second which was not competitive enough o BCH became the better option.

Surpassing XRP can be a bit trick as this coin was created for this and it was created running on a payment system network which gives it an edge. So XRP can be the best as numbers do not lie, e.g. checking on market capitalization XRP is twice larger than that of BCH which shows that XRP is well adopted than BCH.

Better Payment method

Both are good and can be used as payment method with merchant as they are all fast, but considering the level of volatility XRP is less volatile as it has a large supply of coins and with that supply we cannot expect it to reach a price of $500 so soon.


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