Land PreSale Has Begun in Alien Worlds

By CryptozNewb | News from the Scenes | 25 Nov 2020


The official Land sale for Alien Worlds starts in a little less than 9 days. This is the sale that I have really kept my eye on, as land is the crux of the game and I feel that owning a slice could potentially be very lucrative.

Presales are already available, and as with their previous sales, this one follows a dutch auction style. There are numerous purchase point options -- thirty-six in fact! The most expensive buy-in point is a whopping 12570 WAX /0.7457 ETH (over $500 USD at current prices) and drops all the way to 670 WAX / 0.052 ETH (about $20) over a 35 hour period. You can choose any or all of the price points for pre-sale. And once the official sale starts, the pre-sales will be processed first at each tier before regular sales. So, while you can reserve packs at the lowest cost point, it does not guarantee you a spot if all packs are sold out before that point is reached (your payment will be refunded if that happens).

There are a total of 3000 Land packs available. You can see the current presale counts on each of the sale pages.

WAX sale
ETH sale


Each pack purchased will contain 8 cards, 1 Land and 7 other NFTs. From the info we have so far about this game, Land will be the backbone of the entire economy, so this is not a sale you want to miss out on! Their last two pack sales were completely sold out, and I expect the same for this one.

Also, in a rather interesting twist, the Land is apparently all pre-minted (I'm not really sure how that works), so any pack could potentially pull a #1 mint Land!

You can read more about the Land sale and Alien Worlds Land in general at the links below.

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